Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seeing True Beauty Without Being Blind

It takes a lot to see the beauty in something.  Sometimes to see real beauty, you need more than you're own two eyes.  You may need time, knowledge, or even experience to see true beauty. 

Today I was pretty lucky.  Due to my experience, and my own two eyes, I saw something rather beautiful.  Perhaps it was more heart warming, but beautiful none the less.

During a very important part of our workday, one of the head people of my team ran out the door.  From what I know, her husband was taken quickly to the emergency room, with no reason as to why.  Understandably, she was shaken from the news, and most of us were left confused since it happened so fast.  Not me though.  I thought it was kind of beautiful. 

But before you consider me an asshole, let me explain myself.  

First off, my co-worker's husband is an awesome guy.  I met him several times and I plan on praying that everything is ok.

Second, I was very close to getting engaged a few years ago.  If things didn't go south, I'd be married for sure by now.  With the way the break-up happened, I'm very reluctant to get into another relationship.  It's weird and I'm still having trouble explaining it.  As much as I'd like to be in a relationship, I just can't pull the trigger and make it happen.  I will say that I miss the good times (not the ex herself though).  

The times I stayed with her when she was sick in bed, when we were there for each other when our grandfathers passed away, and the time she was there when I was rushed to the emergency room.  Were those difficult events...F#€K YEAH!  But, it was really amazing to go through it with someone.

To have someone, an equal, care that much for you, is amazing.  Time could just seemingly stand still if your "other half" was suffering in some way.  Call it magical, call it love, but for me, I'll it one of the most beautiful things on earth.

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