Sunday, March 27, 2011

Times Really Are A Changin'

Ever have one of those 'O Shit' moments?  You know the kind.  Moments that either turn a light on above your head (a la Looney Tunes characters when they have a good idea) or ideas that just bring you down to reality.  I've pretty much had an 'O shit' moment since last weekend.  But I need to back up a little to put the story in context.  Here is the cliff-note version.

I've had the feeling for a while that life has been kind of stuck in second gear.  Don't get me wrong.  Things are much better than they were two or three years ago.  I'm a very happy go lucky/joking around  type of guy.  Except for MLB games and a little road rage, you never really see me get mad.  This just may be my own neuroses, but I can never stop thinking about the next step to better myself.

Not really sure when this "Second Gear Problem" .  But it's been for a good while.  Slowly I wasn't worrying about health, relationships and I've been a pissy version of myself.  Then last weekend pretty much punched me in the face.

Here is what happened in order.
Friday: Buddy of mine got married
Saturday:  Two different sets of friends got engaged
Saturday: My long time friend had a beautiful baby girl
Sunday: I found out a casual friend passed away

When I found out about the unexpected passing, it was like a sledge hammer to the head.  I started thinking about all the events that happened in that 3-day span.  It was like the circle of life (as cheesy as that sounds--BUT IT'S TRUE).

Seeing so many great things happening to friends, truly shows, how life is worth living.  When such great things happen to good people, they make you feel good.

Sadly, I only wish I reached out to this casual friend more often.  People said so many great things about him at the wake.  I truly missed out.  It also showed me how I need to network more often with people.  Need to seize the moments as they happen.  In this case, fuck tomorrow, just worry about today.  Because I'll never know how great of a friend I may have just lost.

I started to remember something that occurred to me a long time ago.  If you have health, family that loves you and friends that have you're're the richest person in the world.  Anything after that is just the rich getting richer.

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