Monday, March 28, 2011

Today's Observation: Evolution of PROTECTING

Growing up, I had an evolution of "protecting".  It started off simple enough with everyone in the play pen.

I couldn't walk, I wasn't potty trained, and I'm guessing I wasn't potty trained either.  But my mother told me about my favorite blue ball.  If someone even took it away from my play pen, even if I wasn't playing with it, I'd scream like a banshee.  I guess you can say I was very territorial of that ball.  

Next, and I'm sure people can relate to younger brother couldn't touch my toys, and if he ever lost the little weapons to them, he better run fast! From there it went towards comic books.  

I couldn't open the latest issue of Spider-Man fast enough.  I had to witness the web slingers adventures first hand.  However, when I finished reading them, they went into their protective sleeve.  Never taken out again in risk of lowering to issues condition.  Not much later, the interest was also in baseball cards.  

I went from my Topps check-list to inevtory religiously.  My collection had to be in mint condition and my trades had to be in my collections best interest.  Then, my protecting took a big step.

In a loving way, I gave my brother a hard time growing up.  I kept him in check and roughed him up when he needed a reality check.  But if someone tried roughing him up, that's a big no no.  I was (and still am) the only one who can do that.  No one else.  So physically, I made sure no one tried doing a thing.  I'm also the first to admit that I'm not that close to him now.  But hopefuly thatll be another.  

Surprisingly, the evolution took a difficult step.

For a guy, I have a lot of female friends.  One had a great quote by saying, "You're like a gay best friend...except you're straight".  My guy friends still can't understand it.

Besides the actual great female's benefiting for a guy to have female friends.  Think about it.  Women and relationships can be hard to understand sometimes for guys.  So if you need advice or an opinion, they're the best too turn to! Okay...I sidetracked a little there.

Anyways, I developed great female friendships.  All of a sudden, these friends became little sisters.  And if you thought I was protective of my lil' can imagine how I am to my sisters.

Every boyfriend had to be approved through me.  Best example to give...imagine bringing a potential date out...and suddenly the person is going through a job interview.  I'm also very big in first impressions.  So I'd let them know how important this was.  And why shouldn't I!  Big bros don't let their sisters get heart broken or taken advantage of in some way by some d-bag.  If I felt like I can do something, well DAMMIT, I'm going to do it!

Today, a friend told me about her horrible weekend.  Her sister has had a rough stretch lately.  Her boyfriend broke up with her and she's miserable at her job.  To deal with it, she tried to O.D. on sleeping pills.  She's ok now, but my friend is understandably shakin' by it, and is worried about the future.

My friend is a very persistent, and good hearted person.  So I have a good feeling about her sister's future.  It's easy for me to say that.  Especially through my friends Hellish two days, but in my heart, I can tell she'll make it through.  Her sister just needs to surround herself with people that love her and want to protect her best interest. 

And that's the key point here...

I don't know if it's human nature, but I feel like we always NEED to protect someone or something.  I say this, knowing, this need will have to intensify.  When I have kids, I know, I'll do everything in my power to protect them.  Also, I know they have to go through pain in life, and that my friends, will be difficult.

It may help us feel complete, perhaps it's part of love or perhaps it's part of our sub-conscience.  Either way.  I know that not having anything to protect, makes for an empty life, and not having anything to protect, is the scariest thing of all.

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