Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The 2011 Person of the Year goes to...

And the winner of the 2011 Person of the Year goes to...

Wait, what?

You think it's too early to announce a person of the year?!  I know its April, but sadly, I must disagree.

Between the determination this person displays, and the tragic events surrounding the individual, I really doubt you'll find a better contender.

I'm speaking of Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona.

It's being reported that Giffords will attend her husband's NASA shuttle launch on Friday!  That people, is simply astonishing, and uplifting.

Giffords, was shot in the head at a political rally, by what I can only call, a psychopath.  In total, six innocent people died.  It was the first major, and tragic news story of 2011.

But somehow...
A miracle took place...
Someone must have been looking over her...

She was shot at point blank range in the head, and survived it!

Think about that...POINT BLANK RANGE...and she was reading Harry Potter a few weeks later.

Meanwhile, how many times did we not exercise or tackle our to-do list, simply because we had an excuse?

"My foot hurts, so I don't want to run" or "That's not important, I'll get to it later"...I've said them one too many times. 

While I fight excuses every day of my life, Giffords fights every day for her normal life back.

Two years ago, 'The Miracle on the Hudson', was arguably the most uplifting story.  Similar to Giffords tragic event, it was in the first few weeks of the New Year.  It helped us appreciate life, the people we surround ourselves with, and that we can't take life too seriously.

All of which, are shown in the traffic shooting of Gabrielle Giffords.

So as I was saying before...

The 2011 Person of the Year goes to, Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona.

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