Friday, April 8, 2011

Admiration: Always Looking Up

We all have people we admire throughout life; family, teachers and celebrities to name a few.  More often than not, it's looked down upon, to look up, at a celebrity. 

However, I have a celebrity that I think breaks the mold.  I'm mentioning "him" now for a few reasons.  A friend posted a blog about donations to his charity.  Also, somewhat out of boredom, I checked winners of "Times man of the year" and was surprised he didn't win it.  The person I'm referring to is Michael J. Fox.

At first, I thought he was awesome for driving a DeLorean in some small movie :P

That's not where it ends though.  Around 2000 Fox announced that he had Parkinson's.  He was doing his best to stay on his highly rated show.  In fact, he kept doing it because he thought people would lose their jobs if he left.  Co-workers thought he was being an asshole Pre-Madonna by always showing up late and needing time to relax.  Instead, he was dealing with his developing disease.

Later, he created "The Michael J. Fox Foundation" for Parkinson's research.  Since it's creation, almost $180 million, has been put towards research for a cure.

Recently I also read Michael's book "Always Looking Up".  It's a fantastic book that makes you smile on the little things, and may turn you into an optimist.  

The Wrap Up:

It's always ok to have someone to admire while growing up.  Naturally, your admiration will also evolve.  This helps us raise the bar for goals we want to achieve, and develop us into becoming better people.  From kids to old folks, if you can't think of anyone in mind, Google inspirational quotes.  Because if you don't have anyone, well, I feel sorry for you.

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