Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Asshole of the Week With "Madoff Mentality"

Face it.  Superman and Spider-Man are busy saving the real big bad guys.  You never have to worry about the Green Goblin or Lex Luthor. 

However, it's those small bad guys that slip through the cracks you have to worry about. You've seen them on the news. 

Smart enough to avoid police, but not big enough to show on some bureau's radar.  Under everyone's noses, they did conniving acts that eventually shocked everyone.

Sadly, another person fits this description.

D-bag of the week, Donald Hewitt, is that person.  He's been stealing a small town's money for 30 years.  With a population of 447 people, he's stolen $400,000.

How did he do this?  It was easy, he's been the town treasurer in his home office the whole time.

He stole money directly from the local school, cemetery & pretty much every taxpayer.  As if the numbers aren't bad enough, the town doesn't even have a town hall and has an annual budget of $212,000!

What did he do with the money?  He paid off 'personal expenses'.  He took the money of hard working/small town, to make a cushy life for himself.

The "Madoff Mentality" people continue to have is unbelievable.  How do you justify stealing from your fellow man, only to reap in their suffering?  Those people are the anti-Robin Hood.  Actually, that would make them Sheriff of Nottingham.

In no way am I saying every council member is suspicious.  However, if something raises an eyebrow, look into it.  Ask the question others shrug off, or won't ask. 

But the last time I checked, Robin Hood was an ordinary person, who questioned authority when needed.

He also got Maid Marian.

Just sayin'!!!

Asshole of the week, "Donald Hewitt"

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