Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being An Ass For A Good Cause

HOLY DONKEY BALLS BAT-MAN!!!!  Do I have an F'n rant for today.  Damn this ticked me the hell off, but first, some back story.

I set a goal.  There's a game plan laid out, and I'm ready to kick some ass. It's going to mentally and physically suck at times, but I'm ready for the challenge.  In about four months I'll be competing at 'The Warrior Dash'.

To sum up the event; imagine the New York City Marathon and an Army obstacle course having a baby.  Voila, you have the 'The Warrior Dash'. 

Set in upstate New York, it's around a 3.5 mile run up and down a mountain, with about 6-7 army type obstacle courses.  They'll be mud and watery trenches to deal with, or in other words, dirty fun.

So a heavy part of my training regiment involves running. Ideally, I want to run 6 miles straight without needing a break.  From there I want to run some local mountain trails to simulate the marathon.

Well this weekend, I met up with my buddies to run in a local park.  We pretty much have a similar game plan to get ready.  We run early to get it out of the way, and to avoid other runners. 

This weekend...no such luck.

About 300 people were there for a Multiple Sclerosis charity walk.  Annoying, hell yeah…Understandable, of course.  It was hard to be mad at a charity walk, even though they blocked the paths.  Then I overheard something that really sent me over the edge. 

After running two straight miles, I mixed up the last two with running/walking. People of all ages were complaining...ABOUT WALKING!!!

This little bit of exercise was apparently excruciating from ages 12-60. 

I couldn't believe it.  I tried to brush it off.  Then during one of my walks someone decided to complain to me for sympathy.

That was a mistake on their part.

With a sad puppy dog face, she said, "This is, like, so killing me.  I can't wait to watch Netflix and sit around the house".

That was all the ammo I needed. 

With a dead pan look, I said, "Let me get this straight.  You're walking, not even running, and you're bitching like this.  You're walking for people that would do ANYTHING, to do what you're doing now.  Just too simply walk.  Congrats for having the memory of a gold fish and forgetting what's important."

I took a deep breath, turned up my iPod and broke into my next run, never looking back at her.

Is it easy to take anything for granted, of course.  But that's one of the reasons I want to run the marathon. 

I don't have the type of responsibility others have to take up my time (like taking care of kids), and I have my health.  I want to run it because, well, I can.  One day, I don't want to look back and say, "what if" or "I wonder if I could've done it".

No, that's not going to happen. Instead I'm sticking to the plan, and my buddies and we have each other’s back (to make sure we stay on track).

People would kill to do some of the simple things we do.  Everyday tasks are giant challenges for others. For some, the ability to walk, would be a dream come true.

Take advantage of these simple abilities you're given; breaking in a pair of running shoes, getting in/out of your dream car, or even cheering your favorite team.  Because one day, you'll be on the inside, looking out.



  1. Ahhh I'm doing the Warrior Dash on May 21st. I'm dressing up like a gladiator, LOL :-D Best of luck NicholASS!

  2. Thanks Miss Angie! Didn't know anyone I knew actually read this thing. Kinda cool