Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Blog About My Blog

For about two years I've threatened to write a blog, but I did nothing about it.  In the last month though, I've written almost 20 blogs.

More recently, I've entertained the idea of a vlog.  I'm still trying to get a hold of it, but I have a hand full posted on my YouTube channel.

I'm still a newb at this, but I'll tell you this much.  This is fun, challenging, and most of all, pretty damn addicting!

I look at blogs as personal Op-Ed's about topics I care about.  Meaning, what I write is always correct, because it's an opinion.  So as long as I don't bend the truth on facts, I'll always be right, because it's just an opinion.

This really helped me conquer any nerves I had on writing.  At the same time however, I was nervous about advertising it on Facebook or Twitter.   Then I realized something.  If people have a problem with it, they can "F" off!  Because chances are, they don't have the man berries, to try this. 

The first week's worth of posts was rough.  But then, I hit my groove.  I got into a rhythm of how I want to write, and what I want to write about.  Sadly, that wasn't enough to quench my thirst.

Since I work in news, I watch a lot of television at work.  So when I get home, the last thing I want to do is watch more TV.  I barely watch Yankee games.  I'd rather listen to them on the radio.  So, instead, I got into watching YouTube.  These short videos are much more entertaining to me than TV.  From here I found out more about vlogs.

I couldn't get enough of Mystery Guitar Man, The Philip DeFranco Show, The Shaytards...

The list goes on and on.

Regretting not trying something, is a lot worse, than giving something a try and not liking it.  Talking to someone for the first time, Job opportunities...etc.  You can apply that to so many things.

So I'm giving that a try too.  Yes, it's way more involved than blogging.  Also, I haven't used my video editing skills in about 8 years.  Who woulda' guessed it?  I don't exactly have "The skills to pay the bills" anymore.

But in a week's time, I'm doing a great job already.  Adobe Premiere will be my bitch by the end of this!

I still haven't caught my vlogging stride yet.  But I'm not worried, because I know it'll come around sooner or later.

Write or talk about what you're passionate about.  If something makes you happy or angry, explain yourself.  We all have a topic that we care about.  You're job is to let me know about it.

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