Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forget 'Man Law' - 'Man Up' and Stand Up

I'm going to create a 'Man Law Monday' blog.  Until further notice, this next phrase/action isn't about Man Law. Nope, I say this falls into the category of 'Man Up'.

Act like a real man.  Offer your seat to a lady or an elderly person!

I'm on public transportation everyday for work.  I take three different trains.  First off, some people run for seats as if they're giving out gold coins.  I've seen some elbows thrown, and it isn’t pretty.

Any who, I've seen some messed up assholes.  They'll deliberately put their heads down.  Looking at a phone, iPad, book, hand held game or in la la land.  All kinds of women are left standing; pregnant women, handicap (broken leg types), elderly & I'm sure some others.

When I get on a train, I usually go towards the corner of the door.  I don't even bother sitting.  I'd rather just leave it to someone who may actually need it.  But no, every train needs to have that dip shit.

If my grandfather or father saw that I let a woman stand; they'd smack me upside the head.  Why?  Because that's not what real men do!  They do simple things like giving up a seat.  Besides that...these guys are probably sitting at a desk all day anyways.  Use the legs god gave you. 


Even as I'm writing this on the train now, women are standing.  I need to figure out how to impose a law on this topic.  At least making it illegal to make a pregnant lady stand.

Funny story to wrap this up….
A guy (I say 25 year old computer tech) is of course sitting; as women are standing all around him.  At a stop an elderly lady walks on to join the mix.  In the most comical way possible, she rips into the guy for not giving up his seat.  She says things like, "You're 20-something bones need a break.  These 70-something bones that popped out 4 kids are more solid apparently." She went on and on.  It hurt, holding back the laughter.  Needless to say he got out at the next stop.

Moral a damn gentleman.  Open a door, say a compliment or offer a seat.  Prove that chivalry isn't dead, or else get a whoppin' from your grandfather.

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