Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hyundai...Please Go "F" Yourself

I know I'm a little late on this, but it's something that ticked me off, and I can't shrug it off.  That something, is Hyundai motor company.

I would hope that we all know what happened in Japan by now.  They were hit with the trifecta of disasters...Earthquake, Tsunami & a possible nuclear meltdown.

That being said, words can't be described how bad it is for a portion of Japan.  Besides the obvious loss of life, communities and the economy will suffer for a while.

Since I work in business.  I can't help to look at the economical side of this tragedy.  The Japanese economy wasn't exactly hot before the disasters.  So this obviously doesn't help out.  On the other hand, you have U.S. based companies in Japan (I'll save outsourcing for another day).  Manufacturing and production is done in Japan to save on costs.  Well guess what, suddenly, nothing was happening in Japan. 

Panic set in.

Lots of things that symbolize America aren't made here anymore.  Sadly, our big 3 auto companies (Ford, GM & Chrysler), partially fall into that category. 

Parts of all kind, are made in Japan.  They may get assembled in the states, but they're created overseas.

Suddenly, the big 3, Toyota & Honda got worried.  These are the biggest five auto companies.  But hyundai is making a big push in recent years.  With small cars, high gas prices and cheap manufacturing, they're becoming a big contender.  So, what do they do?

Almost like a sales pitch to potential stock holders, they said, "Only 1% of parts come from Japan, also parts are stocked for 1-2 months."

Now I can understand how automakers point out the GM & Chrysler bailouts.  Also, I don't blame automakers for taking advantage of the Toyota "sticky gas pedal" issue.  However, This is absurd!

I know Hyundai wants too continue to climb the ladder of top world wide automakers.  But they have some F'n balls to take advantage of a situation like this.  True, since this comment, they've donated money towards Japan relief.  But they're looking for financial gain from something that was (an unfortunate) natural event.  No one person's fault. 

I feel compelled to point out that I'm a GM fan.  So take it with a grain of salt if you'd like. However, I can see and seperate the human compasion as well as financial aspect.

But Hyundai really looked like asses with this comment.  Sometimes, it doesn't hurt to just shut your mouth, and stay on the sideline.  But no, Hyundai is looking to climb that ladder. 

Hyundai...Go "F" yourself.

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