Monday, April 11, 2011

Man Law Monday - Rule #1

Man Law Monday: Have A Problem; Grab A Beer

You now have something to look forward to on Monday.  Congratulations for being part of "Man Law Monday".  A break down and overview of the rules to man hood.  It'll give you a guide to live by, or an idea of how men think.

Seeing as this is the first 'Man Law Monday'; let's go with what's probably the most important one.

Have a problem; grab a beer

Sounds simple enough, right?  This simple rule will save headaches, and preserve relationships. 

As always, you can relate this to sports.

A catcher drops a signal down before a pitch is thrown, a quarterback calls a huddle before a play and a coach will draw up a game plan for any other type of sport.  Got it? No? Fine I'll just say it.  They have communication so that they're on the same page, and can make progress.

If you're buddy does something fucked up, and it pisses you off, say something. You don't even have to call him out on this in front of people.  Simply meet up and talk about it over a beer. 

Now I don't wanna hear, "But I/we don't drink".  Really?  Go to Starbucks then and grab a coffee. 

Bottom line, you’re men, act like it.  Don't lose, or let a friendship weaken, because you can't open your damn mouth.

We're all human.  So we all fuck up in one way or another.  Once you get pass that realization, texting someone to meet up is nothing.

Class dismissed…

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