Monday, April 4, 2011

Man Law

I've mentioned 'Man Law' before, but I feel I need to elaborate more on it, especially, after a weekend of 'Man Law' taking up all my free time.

For whatever reason, it's looked down upon as a sophomoric act, fulfilled by frat brothers.  No no no…  Couldn't be further from the truth.

Simply put, think of it as the constitution of male behavior. By laws of how men should act, so they can live life to the fullest, and in peace.

So what's wrong with that?  Nothing!!!  Men see how SOME women can act caddy and selfish.  This just helps keep things in check.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Here are some of my favorite 'Man Laws'...

- If your buddy needs a wingman, you are required to assist in whatever way needed.
- You can't just casually hit on/hook up with a buddy's sister.  If you do, you're required to marry her.
- Doesn't matter how tired you are or if you have 'The ittis'.  If you're buddy is going through a tough time, you're required to go out and listen to him vent.
- If your buddy has seriously pissed you off don't be a high school girl about it.  Grab a burger and a beer and talk shit out.  Not talking behind backs allowed.
- If your buddy is moving or needs a ride to the airport, you're obligated to help out.  Because that's what real friends do. (FYI-moving took up my weekend)
         - Side-note...if you're asking for help, you're obligated to pick up coffee and food throughout the day.

So I think this nicely touches on the topic of ‘Man Law’.  I think one day I’ll actually have a full detail list of rules.  Till then, man up, and play by the rules!

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