Thursday, April 28, 2011

My New York City Skyline

This may sounds strange, but I can smell construction a mile away.  Before you close this page, let me explain.

When I was 13, I started going on construction site jobs with my dad.  Demolished buildings, workshops, emergency runs to Home Depot;  I've been to a good amount of places.

Yesterday though, I was mistakenly taken to the greatest construction site on earth.

See, a lot of trains go in and out of New York City, and from all sorts of locations.  Usually, my train takes me to 32nd street, next to Macy's at Herald Square.  Due to track problems, I was redirected, to the World Trade Center.

The second the doors opened at WTC, I smiled.  Why?  Because I smelled a construction site.

The aroma of fresh-cut saw dust, oil from air compressors working overtime, and work pants that rarely see a washing machine.

I smiled because it was progress.  Progress, of a new beginning. 

I don't need to visit the history of 9/11 or the WTC.  The only thing I will say is that I miss my skyline.

NYC has looked so naked since that dreadful day.  I still can't look at it without thinking, "That's not my skyline, it's not what I know."

I remember being a 5 year-old looking at the world from the observation deck, I remember being a teenager and looking straight up during a ticker-tape parade, and I remember crying at the reading of the names.

I also worked for a local news station.  Every year for the anniversary, it was my job to spell check the names of the victims. 

Every time I saw that gaping hole, I could see those faces.  Hell, I still see them.

That was a big reason why I haven't visited the site in a long time.  Some of those faces are etched into my brain.

But not yesterday.  Nope.  All I saw was new beginnings.  The beginning of a skyline that I will eventually call, "My skyline."

And that, is a day, I cannot wait for.


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