Friday, April 15, 2011

Your Boss...

If no one can relate to this blog, that'll be it, I'll put down my pen.  Uh...keyboard rather, and stop blogging.  

Because if you're over the age of six, and not a trust fund baby, you've experienced this before.  But can someone explain to me the idiocracy of some bosses?

It's getting to the point that their stupidity is so bewildering, that it's actually giving me headaches.  I'm not talking about head cold or bumped my head type headaches.  Nope, I'm talking about full out brain freeze type headache.  

That's right folks.  It's that serious.

I've worked in a variety of different job fields from a young age.  I consider myself lucky, because I feel it’s given me an open mind to my co-workers and superiors.

Everyone, pretty much, has the same "first boss".  That boss is, mom or dad (or whomever acted in their place).

The typical thought people think of are chores around the house.  Me, not so much.  

In my eyes, my dad was big bad Joe the carpenter.  No, that isn't a religious reference.  His name is Joe and he's a carpenter.  

Well going on side jobs at age 13 taught me a lot.  You need to work hard for your salary.  Busting your ass will be part of the job.  Since the work was back breaking, I learned something my dad still can't grasp; work smarter, not harder.  Thinking things through first is the most important step.

The next jobs/bosses will be vague, at best, for identity purposes.

In High School I worked my first job that didn’t involve my dad.  It was somewhat of a labor-intensive job.  So with so much time busting our asses, I realize that I don’t have time for games.  Honestly, really is, the best policy.  It’s ok to say, “I F’d up”.  Nothing wrong with owning up to it, covering your ass is a different story.

Next, was a retail job. I had a spineless leader.  Beyond useless.  People need to have faith and trust in you.  Because a title means nothing if you can’t back it up.

Since getting a job out of college was tough, I continued the retail route.  This boss was one for the ages.  Left and right with the lies.  As if that wasn’t enough, he went out of his way to remind you how stupid you are.  Obviously, people yelled and cursed him out a lot. 

Finally, I got a job that I wanted a career out of.  I had two bosses that I can honestly say; I want to be like when I grow up.   Calm under pressure, knowledgeable, veterans, honestly I can go on and on.  If I can be a combination of those two, as I get older, I know I’ll be a great leader, and have a happy career.

Sadly, upper management rotated people.  Soooooo now I was given another boss.  Of course, polar opposite from my last two bosses.  Absolutely no communication skills and can’t prioritize.  Basically, a mess contained within a cubicle.

After all that, read all the way through, because my next statement may seem contradictory.  

There is no such thing as a bad boss...


I've had some great bosses that are awesome role models.   I've had some bosses that were utter d-bags, and make me cringe upon hearing their names.

Each one of those people have showed me, how I want to be treated, and what needs to happen to get results.  

You don't have to be a spineless pencil dick to get results, to get the most out of someone you may have to be rough around the edges, and no matter what, knowledge is power, not a title.  

Lastly, and this is the most important; respect should always be present.  We're all people, and no one is truly better than anyone else.

Chances are without respect, that's the reason you're mad in the first place."

Ok, I'm done.  Thoughts?

"Yeeeeah, I need you to come in on Sunday too.  Yeeeeeeah"

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