Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's The End Of The World As We Know it, & I Feel Fine

Alright, so let's check the to-do list.

Today: Get the oil changed in my truck.
Friday: Band rehearsal
Saturday: Band goes on at 9:30 for a show.
Monday: Get glasses fixed before...

Wait, what?

The world is ending this Saturday the 21st!  Really?  Wow, that's something else. 

Oh, now you gotta be kiddin'!!! The world is ending at precisely 6pm est.

So my band won't even get a chance to set-up our equipment, let alone play a show.  I seriously can't believe it.

No really, I can't believe it.
Let's review a few things here.

For starters, humans can't even predict the weather properly.  So what on god's green earth makes you so sure the world is ending Saturday? Let alone exactly at 6pm est.

Secondly, have you ever heard of scare tactics?  Sure you have, because they're used on children all the time.  Be a good boy or else you'll go on Santa's naughty list...good girls finish dinner or else no desert.  But sometimes, adults take it too far.

One New Yorker stands out.  Due to the end of the world, he has decided to spend his life savings.  In retrospective, if at least he spent it on booze and hookers, I could say he was looking to go out in style.  But no, he went another route. 

He spent $140,000 on NYC bus & subway advertisement.  This man wanted to spread the word on May21st.  In other words, he wanted to scare more people for what he believed in.  The fact he promoted a book he wrote with the advertisements, I’m sure, was because god wanted him to.

I'm sure one or two skeptics don't believe me. There always has to be at least one. So here is my proof we'll be fine.  I've survived the days of catholic school, Y2K, Mad Cow Disease, Global Warming, Pet Dander and Swine Flu.  So I'm more than certain, we'll make it to Sunday.

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