Friday, May 13, 2011

A Long Ride Home

Remember your first car, or at least the first one you actually cared about?

Mine was a 1992 Chevy Camaro, and I know what you're thinking. 
An Italian teen driving a Camaro in Jersey, it's unheard of!  Well believe it.

I really loved that car, and I was heartbroken when I had to sell it.  But while I owned it, I had a blast! 

Driving to the shore, hanging with friends & as a car enthusiast, just enjoying the car's mechanics.

I have to be honest; I was also paranoid about this car.  I installed a kill switch that would disable the fuel pump, that way you couldn't hot wire the car.

The car being stolen was probably my biggest fear at the time.  That's why I cringed hearing about damage done to my friends cars.

But on this Friday the 13th, I heard some great news about a stolen Camaro.

See, in 1975 a Newark New Jersey resident had her 1969 Chevy Camaro stolen.  That was 36 years ago, so I'm sure she figured she'll never see it again.

Earlier this year a man bought a 1969 Camaro off of eBay.  He noticed the part were strange on the car.  After doing some homework, he was able to trace it back to the Newark resident!

Police are trying to trace past owners, in hopes of figuring out who robbed it.

So after 36 years, this Californian man reunited the car with it's original owner.  It's an amazingly kind act and such a 'feel good story'.

There are so many cool aspects of this story; a lady who gave up looking, a guy who put the pieces together and of course, a really sweet ride.

This folks is what real #winning is. 



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