Monday, May 9, 2011

'Man-Law' #4: Wingman

The Art of the Wingman

It's a skill.
It's an art.
It's also a 'Man-Law'

'Man-Law' #4:  Wingman

There are two sides to being a wingman, and you must know these rules.  Doesn't matter if you just noticed girls, or you've been married for decades.  You must know the ways of a wingman.

Simply put, a wingman helps his buddy get a girl.  Maybe it’s meeting at a bar, first time meeting friends, or helping him showcase a skill set. 

Let me explain further with some examples.

A guy sees two girls at a bar.  He can turn to his buddy and say something like, "talk to the blond, so I can talk to the brunette."He must agree, due to man law, so his buddy has a better shot at talking to his "choice".  Think of it as, running interference.

Now first time meeting friends is always the easiest.  Well, for the wingman anyways.  A guy will bring out a girl to introduce her to his friends.  All the wingman has to do is mention how awesome his friend is.  That's it.  Just make him look as awesome and unique as possible.  But you do have to resist any past jokes that make him look like a tool.

Showcasing a skill set is simple enough.  Here's an example.  A guy brings a girl to a show he's playing in (Lets say guitar in a band).  As he's setting up gear, the buddy needs to hype him up.  He should say things like, "he's modest but he's really good at what he does, he has a passion for this, he's committed and practices to be better..." Types of things that's similar to being in a relationship.

Now true, the essential idea of a wingman is to make your friend look good.  However, you can't abuse this power.  This is the other side of being a wingman.

You can't ask your friend to be a wingman every time you go out.  That's just abuse of power.  Know when to call it.

Having personal/professional problems and you need to get your mind off of things...that calls for a wingman.

Need to get over a girl...that calls for a wingman.

Have had the hots for someone and need every advantage possible...fuck yeah that calls for a wingman.

However, in no way are you allowed to ask your buddy're calling it all the time because it makes your life easy, his heart was broken and doesn't want to go out yet, or you don't want him to pick the girls.

Listen, this is an ageless art.  If you look it up, I'm sure you'll find it in a ninja hand guide.  Practice and respect the art.


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