Monday, May 16, 2011

Man-Law #5: Touching Another Man's Radio

It's a crime we've all committed.  Most of us did it around 16 or 17, when we started to drive.  For those who still do it, well, I'll pray for your soul.

Man-Law #5:  Touching Another Man's Radio  

Oh yes,  even something as small as, touching a radio, can cost you man points.  If you're a passenger, there are rules to follow.

See, if you're driving, you are the king of the radio.  You have overall say of what's going on.

At the same time, under certain circumstances, you CAN touch the radio as a passenger.  Here's the breakdown.

When YOU CAN touch the radio:
- Have a phone call?  Well you can lower or turn-off the radio to answer it.  Please note, you need to turn it back on when you're finished with the call.

- Need to point out something to your buddy really fast?  Maybe a hottie walking by or a sale at a bar for hot wings.  You better lower the volume and tell him!

- Driving your friend's car because he's either drunk or too tired to drive; you have overall control of the radio.  You can put on anything you want.  Especially if it helps you stay awake.  Let's say your buddy wants to put on Pink Floyd, but you're afraid it's going to make you fall asleep, you are allowed to slap him in the crotch.

-Your buddy needs to borrow money for gas.  In that case, you have overall command of the radio.

When YOU CAN'T, touch the radio:
- Waiting for the traffic report, but feel like listening to some tunes in the meantime...tough shit.  If the driver wants to sit through the news & commercials, so he doesn't miss it, so do you.

- Your buddy listening to 'The Game'?  Well hopefully it's a team you like also, because you'll be rooting with him.

- Don't like the band your buddy is blasting?  Well tough shit.  You can ask him to lower it, but that's it.  You'll have to sit through it.  No matter how horrible it may be.

These aren't options.  These are rules you must follow.  Failure to follow these rules will cost you.  The fingers you used to touch the radio with, will be food for the piranha tank at the Coney Island Aquarium.  So play nice...

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