Monday, May 23, 2011

Man-Law Rule #6: Real Men Stay Faithful

It has been a strange week.  Due to what's in the news, and in my past, I can't stop thinking about this topic.

Nonetheless, I definitely feel like it warrants a blog.  Hell, a Man-Law!

Man-Law Rule #6: Real Men Stay Faithful

It's amazing how staying faithful is so difficult for people, and by people, I mean everyone from teens to rich celebrities.

I touched on this late last week, but I just can’t leave it alone.  Also, I know I call these Monday blogs Man-Laws, but really, this truly applies to everyone. 

My almost fianc√© (literally...I was a week away from proposing) admitted to cheating on me in October of 2008 (after 5-years together).  To be honest, I'm still screwed up from the whole ordeal. 

I have trust, anxiety & self doubt issues, that I've dealt with every day since.  I've gotten much better at them, but I'm still a long ways off. 

I still act like my old funny/fun lovin' self, but at times, my old self is more of a disguise than anything.  Luckily, I have great friend's that helped me through it.

People seem to forget how much hurt they're able to inflict on someone.  Especially someone you "supposedly" care for.

You really have the power to change someone's life, and in the worst way.  As I mentioned in my blog last week; I define love as being able to put someone else's well being before your own.  To me, that's a whole new level of compassion.

So how could anyone deliberately inflict such pain onto another person?  Honestly, I have no fuckin' clue. 

Cheating is really easy for some people.  They can't break up with someone, but they have no problem whipping it out, or spreading their legs for someone else?!?!

Just makes no god damn sense.

I really don't know who reads these blogs, or what they take away from them.  All I can say is, think.  You're lies can really change someone, possibly even for life.

I would also like to change my previous statement, so that everyone's included...

Earth-Law Rule #6:  Everyone should be faithful in a relationship


  1. Hey Monte, I came across your blog by doing a search for a picture for my blog. I was looking for a picture that described faithfulness and your picture caught my eye. My post will be live by tonight at midnight (PST). Read it if you want. I talk about God's Faithfulness. Let me know what u think.
    Peace Brotha

    1. Hey! Any chance you can email me when it's posted? I'll check it out and also post it on my facebook/twitter pages. IF you can...