Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New York Mess

My grandfather enjoyed baseball, definitely not a diehard fan, but a fan nonetheless.  He said it was disappointing hearing about the Dodgers move to Los Angeles.  When I asked what he thought about the Mets playing in Queens, he said, “We needed the Mets in the worst way.  We needed a second rate team to make fun of”. 
True, the Mets get ragged on by a lot by people.  Sometimes, it’s easier than others. 
The Mets involvement in the Madoff Scandal is a messy situation.  One that no one should be in.  So till I see more information, I won’t give them a hard time about it.
However, today is a different day, and another chance to point out the “case of crazy” that’s swept the front office.
Because financially hurting from the Madoff Scandal and a brand new empty stadium isn’t enough; the Mets will give ex-slugger, Bobby Bonilla, $1.2 Million annually for the next 25 years!  That’s about 30 MILLION DOLLARS!!!
It’s no secret that Bonilla was a flop for the Mets, and by 1999, they were desperate to lose him.  So the Mets gave him an offer.  Defer his $5.9 million dollars the team owed him in his final year, and get paid retroactively starting in 2011 with 8% compound interest. 
Well that time is here, and instead of paying him $6 million, the Mets need to pay him $30 million!!!  Oh, and let’s not forget that Bonilla is still on the Orioles and MLB payroll.
Can I blame Bonilla?  Absolutely not!
Regardless of his character or his once athletic playing abilities, he made a sound financial investment.  One that will pay-off over the next 25-years!  You can’t blame the man for hiring the right people to handle his bank account.
As for the Mets, well, what can you say?
This is flat out idiotic.  I would love to interview the person from the Mets organization that thought this was a good idea about 12 years ago.  I was still in high school at the time this decision was made, and anybody from my math or economics class could’ve figured this was a bad idea.
I’m not even going to blame all of the Mets for this decision.  But come on!!! Give Met fans a reason to be excited about your team.  It’s deplorable!!!
News of the Bonilla incident resurfaced the same day as their star third baseman (David Wright) was diagnosed with a lower back stress fracture.  It doesn’t take a doctor to know how serious and how painful it must be.  Wright is the star face of the Mets.  Hell, I’m a Yankee fan, and even I like David Wright.  It couldn’t get any worse for the Mets right now.
And Yes, I know I’m saying this, as my Yankees are a mess.  Still, the Yanks are nowhere near as bad as this.

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