Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cops Caught Our D-Bag of the Week

'To protect and serve'

That's the long running motto of the police.  No matter what you think of your local department; these individuals risk their lives by just putting on a uniform.

In some gangs, shooting a cop is part of the requirements to be initiated.  So to say some cops are walking targets, is pretty much true.

In areas that I live close to, starting a shift means you may not live to see the end of it.  You never know what dangers can be encountered.

Which leads me into today's spotlight for, Daniel Vagnini.

Daniel is a 22 year-old kid from Farmington Conneticut.  Maybe he's a great kid, with a huge future.  But let me tell you what he was charged with before I start the story.

He was charged with  reckless driving, evading responsibility and driving under the influence.

Evading responsibility is the key line.

After having some drinks. He sped through a stop sign and almost crashed his car.  Oh, but it gets better. He then told police he was assaulted after running into the woods. That's right.  Daniel thought it was a good idea to punch himself in the face, rip his shirt, and then throw his wallet/keys into a nearby river.  All to make his story sound convincing.

Yeah, it didn't work...

I look at this story in two ways. One, people may have actually needed the help of a police officer, but didn't get it.  Two, while sneaking into the woods, someone could've been hurt or killed accidentally.  All because they were dealing with the lies of some twerp.

Police aren't hall monitors.  They have a job to protect, and a family to go home to.  This kid should've thought about that before telling so many lies.  Hell, before he took the keys after drinking!

So on that note, I'd like to congratulate Daniel Vagnini, on being the 'D-Bag of the Week'.

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