Monday, June 27, 2011

Man-Law #10: Be The BBQ Grill Master


It's the season most of us live for.  Personally, a great summer night involves walking around a car show, beer in hand and listening to the Yankee game in the background. 

More often than not, I usually spend summer weekends at BBQ's and bull shitting with friends.  Over the years I've noticed how every BBQ is different, and it comes down to one person in particular.  Sometimes, you must step up to fulfill that role when needed.  Which leads us to today's Man-Law…

Man-Law #10: Be The BBQ Grill Master

You don't need an F'n degree for this people, but brace yourselves...

A BBQ is only as good as the food. 

I know; crazy, isn't it?!

As a man, you need to step into the role of Superman on certain occasions; one of those times is to MAN the grill.

"But Monte, what if I don't know how to grill?"

There are many professions that are quite difficult; rocket scientist, heart surgeon, Pre-K teacher (no, I'm not joking)...etc.

One of the jobs, not, on that list; The grill master!  Now I'm not saying you have to be a top gourmet chef.  But come one now, all you have to do is understand how a spatula works, and when the food is ready.

If that's too complicated, watch a damn YouTube video on how it works.  You have no excuse otherwise.

Got it?  Well you better!
I need to end this and get going.  All this BBQ talk is making me hungry for a damn burger!!!


  1. You did not post one grilling tip here, you only demanded that men be good at grilling.

    My tips? Don't over flip the food. Cook food to the correct temperature of done-ness, not an arbitrary amount of time or when it "looks" done... use a probe thermometer for this if unsure. Put the BBQ sauce on the chicken at the last minute so that you don't just have burnt sauce.

  2. First off, let me just say, those are some amazing tips. It's a little after 10:00 p.m. where I live, and i feel like getting some burgers ready.

    Secondly, these Monday blogs are mostly jokes about the way guys act. That's why I said check YouTube. :)