Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Now Boarding: Flight To Poor House

I'm proud to say that I have a pretty diverse group of friends. Tall/short, light skin/dark skin, dignified/tattoo covered; and so much more.  When I moved to New Jersey, I thought I'd never find friend's like the ones I had in New York.

It's funny, but when I moved from Brooklyn to Jersey, I remember feeling like such an outsider in a far off land.  Of course I was 8 when it happened, so now I just laugh at how "little me" saw the world.  But I still make sure I visited family back home!

With gas prices and bridge tolls being so high, it's not cheap visiting my relatives in New York.  But it's family, so it's no big deal.  That just means I can't go out drinking one night.

But for some of my other friends, it's a little trickier. 

They have family from all over; Florida, Portugal, Alaska, Spain and I'm sure other regions of the globe.  In order to see their family, they need to make big sacrifices, or in some cases, just not see them.

The problem at hand, the airlines.

Flight costs have totally gotten out of control.  It's getting to a point that even if you buy your ticket in advance, you still owe more money down the road.  THEY MILK US FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Now I don't want to hear about airlines financially hurting.  FUCK THAT!

The surcharges they're making off of us is insane.  In bag fees alone they made $3.4 Billion last year.  Now if you try flying to Europe, expect a $500 gas surcharge on your bill.

As a result, visits don't happen, great memories never exist, and before you know it, they just can't hold on any longer.

WE as Americans, bailed them out, WE are the ones, that allowed them to exist, WE are the ones who fly, and WE are the ones being nickeled and dimed. 

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