Friday, June 17, 2011

Tackling The Baby Bucket List ASAP!!!

I'm getting to a very odd point in life, and it's starting to freak me out a little.  To be specific, it's just one aspect that's so weird; it’s not friend's moving away, getting married or even buying homes.  It's babies!!!

I can't be at that age to start thinking about babies, or any of my friends for that matter!  It's impossible!  We're not even that old!

Yet, here I am, sitting in my friend's living room just finishing playing peek-a-boo with his kid.  It's illogical, possibly even insane to be entering that phase of my life.  True, my cousins are having kids, but that doesn't mean a damn thing.  Right?

But is there really any way to know when you're at the right age?  I know I'm nowhere near financially stable to have a kid, and oh yeah, I'm not even dating someone. 

On one hand, a big revelation happened a few years ago. Honestly, it shook the foundation of my soul.

My niece was playing her Xbox.  I was sitting on the couch reading a book, and then heard my niece complain about her video game and console.  Without missing a beat, I closed my book, looked at her and said, "You don't realize how good you have it.  WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE, I would've killed for games like this.  Instead, we had a 8-bit system that only you, knew how to work."

And there it was.  I said it in sincerity.  I even repeated the phrase in my head, "When I was your age".  I couldn't believe it.  My brother-in-law chuckled.  He knew why I had the look of disgust on my face.  I turned my head in shock at him, and with an evil chuckle he said, "Sucks getting old, doesn't it?"

At that point, I realized my generation wasn't the youngest. A new group of kids took that title away.  Worst thing about it, that was just the first revelation.

At work, we did a news story about incoming college freshman last September.  The painful story was about, "The World College Kids Don't Know".  The 2011 college freshmen don’t know a world without new episodes of 'The Simpsons', e-mail, cell phones or the Internet.  As an extra bonus; majority of kids don't know what the picture is in Microsoft Word when they hit save (The Floppy Disk).

Am I getting to a stage where kids can be around the corner? Quite possibly.  A lot can happen in a few years, so I can't say it's not going to happen anytime soon.

From talking to friends and cousins who recently had kids, I do know I want to finish my baby bucket list (A list of things to-do before you have a kid).  I understand the responsibility of having a kid.  So before that happens, I'd like to cross some things off that list.  Such as skydive, get that Nintendo to finally work, and write the most popular blog on the Internet!

This is sooooo how my kid will look like

This will be the book I'd probably read to my kid at bed time


  1. Who says you can't skydive when you have a kid? I may know "less," but you have a lot to learn, buddy. ;-)

  2. Well you once called yourself, "The Yoda of the newsroom" when you were helping me write VO's.