Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What A Day To Be Gay

I know I'm a little late to the party, but what the hell...


Now I know that people are going to get a lot of different reactions to that sentence.  Gay marriage is a long running debate, that frankly, has outlived the debaters. 

I don't think I need to give a history on the hate mongers, or the prejudicial acts people have inflicted onto homosexuals.  Those people don't deserve to have any type of spotlight on them.  Instead, let's do a mini current events update.

New York is the 6th state to allow gay marriage (CT, DC, IA, MA, NH, & NY).

Meanwhile, 10 states are debating on allowing same sex marriage (FL, IN, MN, MT, NM, NC, PA, UT, WV, & WY).

Now I know people get very up and arms on this topic.  Which I find amazing, because I find this as a crazy topic to invest time in debating.

I say that because, we live in America, the home of the free.  So according to the Constitution, shouldn't we be allowed to marry whomever we want.  Also, how much money and man hours have been spent trying to get gay marriages passed/revoked?  I'd love to know, because that's time and money we could've put into a lot of other things.

Last week I was reading reports about women being arrested in Saudi Arabia.  Their crime...driving. 

They did nothing more than go for a car ride.  Women were jailed, and who knows what else, for standing up for themselves.

Most Americans read those articles in shock.  Being arrested for being a female driver is unimaginable in today's world.  But  100 years ago, it wouldn't have been. 

We’ve advanced as a country.  I’d like to think that America has equality everywhere; but we’re not there yet.  Every day we are getting closer and closer to that goal.

By trying to deny rights to people, ultimately, we’re moving backwards.

Hopefully, it'll take way less than 100 years for gays to have equality at the altar.

Also, if you don't like this video, you have no soul

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