Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Religious Attack At The World Trade Center

It was a gorgeous, lazy, Tuesday morning.  I didn't have to be on campus till noon.  So I decided to lounge around the house and enjoy this awesome morning.

If you defined perfect weather, that morning was it.  Sunny, barely a cloud in the sky, not too warm and not too cold.  Never in my wildest dreams, would I have imagined it being one of the worst days in American history.

I turned on the TV just in time.  Seconds after switching the channel to the news, I saw the second tower collapse.  After that, life changed for so many of us.  Now, welcome to the post 9-11 era.

I thought I lost friends and family that day.  Luckily, everyone I knew returned home.  Days and weeks later, I heard about people that weren't so lucky.  Friends and families suffered losses, and memorials were slowly created.

People have used whatever means necessary to get through that day.  Cracking jokes, family/friends, and religion to name a few.  Personally, as long as you're not harming yourself or others, people should do whatever helps them the most.

Others though, well; they have a problem with that.

An atheist organization has filed a lawsuit asking a judge to remove the cross on display at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York. 

The cross is two steel girders recovery workers created days after the attack.  The atheist organization says the cross violates their rights at state and federal levels.

The president of the 9/11 memorial, Joe Daniels, released a statement saying:
"This steel remnant became a symbol of spiritual comfort for the thousands of recovery workers who toiled at ground zero, as well as for people around the world. In the historical exhibition, the cross is part of our commitment to bring back the authentic physical reminders that tell the story of 9/11 in a way nothing else can."

Now here's a statement of someone who's, well, beyond awesome.  Me:

"WHY MUST YOU BE SUCH FUCKING JACKASSES!!!" The 9/11 steel cross, really?!? Forget atheist beliefs for a second.  Bottom line, this cross has helped so many people since the day it was forged.  I've prayed to it, and so have millions of others.  It's done so much for so many.  Also, after the famous picture of the three firefighters hoisting up the American Flag, this cross is a big symbol after the ashes fell.  It's given us hope, and a few moments of comfort after possibly the worst moment in American history.  Why can't you let people enjoy it?  It's part of history. It's on display at a museum.  Stop being such assholes, and let people enjoy the sight of it.  I'm sure you have bigger problems to worry about. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Hardest Hit of the NFL Negotiations

Rejoicing, cries of happiness, and hugs all around.

No, I'm not referring to a sappy chick flick.  I'm talking about the end of the NFL lockout.

People of all sorts celebrated that the 18-week lockout had finally come to a close.  Everybody won in this case.  Owners would make money, players will play, small establishments would be filled with customers, and of course, fans will cheer.

One man though is a loser no matter what, because whomever won, he was going to lose the most. No matter what.

Owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, played a pivotal role in the NFL negotiations. His role was so important, that without him, many people say a lockout would still be going on.

He is being called, "the glue of the negotiations".  Kraft, was the leader that kept individuals at the bargaining table, which was pivotal, while everyone was at a dead lock or gave up.

As owner of the Patriots, I'm sure he loves his job and team.  But to a small degree, I don't think it was that important to him.

You see, his wife of 48 years, Myra Kraft, was dying of cancer.  She was in the late stages, and things were getting worse, before they were frying better. 

The breast cancer was winning, and they both knew it. 

The Kraft's have been a couple since college.  But even on her death bed, while her life was ticking away, she sent him to the negotiations.  So while his wife was dying, he left her, to help create a better NFL.

He made great strides for football, at an enormous personal cost.

Fans were complaining about the lockout for weeks, myself included.  We were wondering what the hell they were negotiating about.  However, there's no negotiating this one, only a demand, for respect.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Path Train Pounder

It's been hot in the northeast.
Combine the heat with the humidity, and it feels well above 100 degrees lately.

No one wants to do anything, especially walk out their door.  A few steps outside and you're dripping in sweat.  The temperature has been affecting everyone in some way or another. 

Personally, it's affected my patience and short fuse.  For others,  their stupidity seems to elevate to all new levels. 

Combine those personalities with alcohol, and well, you have yourself a kick-ass blog.  (literally)

Let me start from the beginning...

It was already 90 degrees when I got up for work on Thursday.  Combine that with a measly three hours of sleep, and I was in the midst of a rough morning.

Work was INSANELY hectic!  Combine that with my trips to Dunkin' Donuts every two hours; I didn't stop moving, or sweating for that matter!

Hours later, I was finally done with work.  I was probably just as excited as I was tired. 

I rushed to the train, meanwhile, it looked like I just got out of a pool.  I was sweating my ass off and just wanted to get home.

Finally I was on the train, but was the air conditioning a relief?  That would be a big no.  The a.c worked sporadically. Now, I could only hope that my connection train was pleasant.

Guess what?  Still no luck!

Still no cool air but it wasn't worth complaining. I was close to being home.  I just closed my eyes, hung onto the railing, and just thought about my a.c. I'd be enjoying in an hour. 

As a song was ending on my iPod, something caught my attention.  A conversation was going on right next to me, and frankly, it wasn't a good one. 

He was doing all the talking, she was the silent/unapproachable one.  Then, after taking a deep breath, I smelled something funny.  It took me a second before I realized what it was.  Without a doubt, it was vodka.  Needless to say, this was a red flag.

The next metal song came up on my iPod.  I lowered it a lot so I could eavesdrop on the conversation.  Even though I was standing there, he didn't even notice me.

"Oh what'cha talkin' about girlie?  You're just my type.  Why won't you let me show you a good time?", he said.  I was shocked and as angry as it was hot.  Suddenly, I couldn't tell the difference between the temperature outside the train, and my anger.

She ignored him.  Looking off into space, pretending she couldn't hear him.  She tried, but when you're 18 or 19 being harassed by someone who looks like they're 30, it only lasts for so long.

Then he says it while grabbing her arm, "Girl are you listening to me or what?

That folks, is a big NO!!!
And also my cue to step in.

I get up next to him to get his attention and say, "Hey, sorry to tell you bud, but she's not interested.  Why don't you try somewhere else when we get off the train?"

At this point I was looking at his hands to see if he might grab a knife or something.  He only wore a t-shirt and shorts, so I wasn't that worried, I just had to stay on my guard.

I figured it was 10 more minutes till our last stop.  Just keep him talking and distracted for 10 minutes.  That's all I have to do.  That's the plan.

"Son, did I ASK, what you think?  Best be back'n off", he said, breath wreaking of liquor.

"Come on man, it's hot, everyone is exhausted, and the girl just wants to be left alone.  So really, let's all just calm down", I said, knowing it wasn't going to help.

Eight minutes.

"I can't believe this bitch ass.  Think I give A FUCK what people feel.  It's all about me.  So you better respect this.". As he points to his chest, thinking he's the king of the world.

"Bro, I'm not sure if that was more douchie or stupid.  No one wants to hear this, the girl is upset, and there's kids right here.  So take it down a notch," I said still standing, and not budging an inch.

Six minutes.

Then he starts yelling, "You disrespect me,  ME!!!  Bitch, you don't know who I am, you don't know who I am.  I'll wreck you."

At this point.  My iPod is getting louder.  The music is fueling my anger.  I wanted him to do something.  She was starting to cry, and I wanted him to learn something.

"Don't start something little man.  You already look like an asshole and you're probably drunk.  So don't!" I said in a stern voice.  Not knowing what would happen next.

Four minutes.

"Make me, you white piece of shit", he said.  As he's saying it, he extends his right arm, begins to try and push me, but as his fingertips barely made contact, I struck the only blow needed.

Three minutes, fuck it, I was never known for being patient.

I grabbed his shirt at the sternum.  I wanted to block his right arm, while keeping him steady.  Meanwhile, his side was wide open, and I quickly cocked my right arm.  I didn't have the space for a full wind-up, but with minimal space, I threw one of the most powerful punches I've ever thrown.

People jumped back, the girl was scared, and he flew backwards.  I punched him in the face between the nose and eye socket.  He hit the train door, and started sliding down.

I saw blood right away, but I didn't relish in the moment.  My first thought was if he had friends on board who might jump me.  Luckily, all I got were high fives from strangers.

He lay on the floor, bleeding, cursing, crying drunk, and I'm sure, in pain.

I looked at the girl, and for some reason, I felt like I had to apologize to her.  Instead she gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

One minute till the station.

A million times over she kept saying thank you.  Meanwhile, people are giving me a pat on the back.  I didn't know how to react to this part.  This part was confusing.

He was a mess on the floor and said, "I'm seriously going to fuck you up now!" At which point, I knew I had to chuckle.

Arrival at the station.

She kept saying thank you, guys gave me a high five, and women either smiled or scoffed at me.  We walked around this drunken/broken mess to get off the train.  I heard him yell something, but I ignored it.

I still just wanted to go home to my a.c.

The adrenaline was high at the time, but it was starting to wear off.  I then realized how much danger I put myself in.  Who knew what he could've had on him, or who else he was with.

But I didn't regret it.  I would've done it again with no issue.  We all have mothers, grandmothers, possibly sisters, nieces, daughters, female cousins or friends.  Would you want someone to talk to them that way?  I think not. 

Lastly, think about what respect means.  This guy was throwing it around like it was just another word.  Meanwhile, he doesn't know how to treat a whole entire gender!  Treat people the way you want to be treated, because if you don't, you'll be treated the same way back.  With a punch to the face.

Monday, July 25, 2011

woMAN-LAW MONDAY #12: What Not To Ask

Relationships can be like walking a tight-rope.  One wrong move can send you into a spiral of problems.

The easiest way to fall into this spiral; saying or asking the wrong thing.  A few harmless words can put you into a world of pain. 

But this Monday, my words of wisdom are not just for my fellow man.  Oh no, ladies around the globe are welcomed to this special addition of woMAN-LAW Monday.

Here's the thing...

Women ask questions that men just can't answer honestly.  Men can't answer them because they're afraid of the repercussions that might ensue.  At the same time, men just don't use the brain god gives us before we open our mouth.

So here's what I'm going to do.  I want you to think about the things one gender should NEVER ask the other.  See if what you picked came up in today's list that's in no particular order.  Hopefuly this will also work on emails (fingers crossed)!!! Just simply highlight the words after the **start here**, click, and slowly drag down to reveal the hidden list. GOOD LUCK!


**Start Here**

1- My ex-girlfriend would've done it for me, why won't you?
2- Your favorite dress is looking kinda snug on you.
3- Mind if I get the video camera out, just this one time?
4- My plate is empty... (while giving a blank look)
5- Do you really need another pair of shoes?
6- What did you do with my...(insert any object that you constantly misplace).
7- Any type of question or comment that needs to be shouted out from another room.
8- Can I kiss you?
9- It must be that time of the month, huh?
10- Are you having a boy or girl?  Oh, you're not pregnant...


**Start Here**

1- Is it better the way I cook it, or your mother?
2- Does this make me look fat?
3- Can you picture yourself marrying me? (especially when you're only a few dates in)
4- Don’t you think I'm a better friend to you than any of your drinking buddies?
5- Do you really need to buy a TV that big?
6- Is the sports season over anytime soon?
7- Don't you want to go out dancing with me?
8- We should introduce your buddy to my girlfriend.  Trust me you'll love her.  She has a great personality.
9- You wouldn't believe what she did at the office today.
10- Is she better looking than me?

Remember, think before you talk, and hopefully that filter stops anything stupid between your brain and mouth.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Once, 'Made In America'

I love looking at old movie documentaries or black & white photos.  Especially when they detail America growing. 

Anything from the roaring 20's showing assembly lines, people at work or even at home; is classic America.  

Similar to photos or films, certain products come to mind when I think of classic America.  Products that Americans created, which became a part of our culture.

The problem now...

That was then, and this is now.  Americans have had plenty of economic hardships of late, and many feel/see a problem in our culture.

Americans don't have pride like they once did.  I'm not going to bother looking at polls, because to be honest, I've known this for years.

My parents grew up with these items listed.  It was a time as America was becoming a powerhouse.  It reminds them of better times....

Last Time Made in U.S.: 2001

This bothered me when I bought a pair of Chucks a few weeks ago.
From 1918-1997, over 550 million pairs of Chucks were sold.  Sales were down after '97, and Converse now makes sneakers in Indonesia.

Last Time Made in U.S.: March 2004

A classic American toy.  Every kid deserves to play with one at one point in life.  However, Radio Flyer apparently didn't think they should spend so much to produce it.  Now, these wagons are from China


Harley-Davidson, GM, Ford and Chrysler are mainly known as American made machines; which they are.  However.  Look at where these parts are made.  You'll likely see any place from as close as Canada, or far as China.

Last time owned by a U.S. company: November 2008

The king of beers has been an American icon since the late 1800s. Between product placements and hilarious commercials, many of us grew, with this brew.  Sadly, this American company/product was sold to a Belgium company.

Last Time Made in U.S.: 1969

I love this American sport.  Too bad their gear isn't American made.  Instead of signaling to the bullpen to call on the closer, Rawlings called for outsourcing with Haiti and Costa Rica.

Last Time Made in U.S.: 2003

Cowboys, farmers and kids around the corner.  Everyone, had a pair of Levi Strauss jeans.  This American made product has been around for 150 years!  Well, at least till they closed all of their domestic companies, and opened shop in Latin America and Asia.


Without a doubt, the most iconic item, that has made this list.  Check those little white tags on our countries flag.  Once you get passed the washing directions, you'll be surprised what might show up.  I'm not sure when this trend started, but I feel comfortable saying, "That's when people sold out this country."

I really wish all of these products were created in America.  It would foster a sense of pride and create jobs as well.  Something this country desperately needs. 

We need to bring it back to America's golden years.  A time when pride, work and happiness was in abundance.

Again, that was then, this is now.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I'm not sure really what it is, but I firmly believe there's an extra bond between mothers and daughters.  There's just something about it that makes this connection so special.
I also believe in the saying, "what happens in the family, stays in the family".
Thanks to an Idaho family, they prove both of my points.
Not just within the same year.
Not just within the same season.
Not just within the same month.
Not just within the same week.
Not just within the same day.
Within the same hour, a mother and daughter were both arrested for drunk driving!
An Idaho sheriff arrested   28-year-old Alisha Gardner at 10:56 p.m. (partying?) after noticing how her car was swerving
Her blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit.  She was taken to jail.
Within the hour, 51-year-old Diana Gardner arrived to pick up her daughter's dog, which was in the car.
An officer smelled alcohol on her and a test revealed that her blood-alcohol level was also twice the legal limit, so she was arrested
Now I don't have a big fancy degree, nor do I have a big time doctor show with people crying to me about their problems.  But I don't think it takes a genius to think this family has a problem.
Now this doesn't include everyone, but parents underestimate kids today.  I have tons of examples, and those examples have gotten more and more severe over the years.
Kids (or in this case young adults) pick up on habits, and feel invincible.  So two things need to happen…
Parents need to set examples.  If I did anything like that my father, would still, kick my ass!  They need to be taken down a notch.
Also, let them have some growing pains.  There's nothing wrong with not coming to the rescue, and letting them figure out things for themselves.
This family has problems.  They need to sit down and have a big talk.  I'm not sure if younger kids are in the house, but you don't want habits like this to spread.
Oh, by the way, no word on what happened to the dog.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Netflix vs. Casey Anthony vs. You

I caved.  They tell you not to give in to peer pressure in high school, but I couldn't help myself. It was too tempting to resist.  Hopefully I don't regret it.

Last night, I signed up for a free trial of Netflix.

It didn't take me long to fall in love with the site.  Not long after exploring the site, I posted this on my Facebook...

Needless to say, this can become a big addiction already, but before I dived into movies, I wanted to explore the site more.  So I checked out the packages, and looked at twitter for reviews.

For those who don't know, Netflix recently raised the price on DVDs.  So if you want streaming movies and DVDs mailed to your house; you’ll have to pay $16 per month.  Originally, Netflix offered the plan for around $10 per month. They still have a cheap plan, but for whatever reason, this threw people into a tail spin. 

Amazingly, after checking twitter, I was dumbfounded by the way people reacted to the price change.  They actually compared the way Netflix raised prices, to the trial of Casey Anthony!

So to reiterate.  People are comparing the brutal death of a child, to a hike in their movie rentals.  Again, death, to a $7 price hike. 

Really assholes!

This type of shit makes me mad.  Where the fuck are your priorities?  I'm not here to debate the verdict of the trial; this is about comparing the tragedy of a little girl, again, TRAGEDY, to your movie viewing enjoyment.

You're able to get away with saying whatever you want on social networks, but that doesn't mean you have to say it!  I really hope people are making really bad jokes.  Now if those people are serious, those are people that need to be in prayers.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who's, Really Who, In New York City

Google it, Wiki it or even read about it.

An endless amount of research is out on New York City.  From sights to see, eateries to dine at; you can find out so much about this vast island.

But there's one thing that I've never noticed in these articles or books, and it's imperative information.

Tourists ask other tourists for directions, and it's the blind leading the blind.  Tour groups ask locals to be a part of their group, because we haven't seen the sights enough apparently.

So here it is.  My guide of really who's who in NYC and how they act...

Crossing the street
Tourists: They obey the walking signals, and are astonished at anyone crossing against its wishes.
Locals: They treat the streets as if it's real life frogger

Foot Cabs
Tourists: It's a fun, and new way, to explore the city.
Locals: Riding those things makes you feel like you've sold your soul to the devil.

While walking
Tourists: While traveling at the speed of molasses, they need to look at every nook & cranny of the landscape.
Locals: Treat sidewalks like a game of high speed bumper cars to get where they’re going to.

Going out to eat
Tourists: Will travel, possibly thousands of miles to eat at Olive Garden or McDonalds. (This blows my mind)
Locals: Will go to the little hole in the wall place for food.  Why? Because you feel obligated since they’re your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.  (I hope someone knows this line)

People passing out flyers
Tourists: Inspect the material for some sort of discount.
Locals: Actually consider taking their life with their own bare hands!

Sporting events
Tourists:       Sorry folks, but we     
Locals:          have common ground
                       on this one. A common,
                       drunkin' good time :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


I'll be the first to admit that I'm somewhat clueless when it comes to fashion.  So much so that I have to drag my female friends with me to go clothes shopping.  I've accepted my lack of style a long time ago. However, there is something that I will not accept when it comes to fashion...

MAN-LAW #12: Rules To Wearing Flip Flops

Oddly enough, most men who don't have a fashion sense, have feelings about flip flops or sandals.  So let's quickly dive in to some...

Acceptable: Wearing flip-flops/sandals at the beach.
Don't Be An Ass: Wearing sandals in the winter time, and yes, people do this.

Acceptable: Wearing flip-flops/sandals in a shower because you're freaked out by germs.
Don't Be An Ass: Wearing flip-flops/sandals, on places like the subway, where you know they'll get beyond black and filthy.

Acceptable: You're on vacation, and feel too lazy to tie your shoes.  So you go with the flip-flops/sandals.
Don't Be An Ass: It's a Thursday, and you're just a lazy S.O.B.

Acceptable: You just woke up and put on flip-flops/sandals as you're doing your morning routine.  Without hesitation you put on normal shoes for work.
Don't Be An Ass: Going to work in flip-flops/sandals.  Because you deserve to have something fall on your big toe.

Acceptable: You're off to a pool party.  So you bring flip-flops/sandals in your duffle bag for later.
Don't Be An Ass: You're off to a pool party, so you wear your flip-flops/sandals right away. (Think about it, you'll probably go somewhere after the pool, so be prepared!)

Don't Be An Ass: You're in a situation where you're not sure if wearing flip-flops/sandals are acceptable, but you do it anyways.
Acceptable: You're not sure if you can wear flip-flops/sandals to an event, so to play it safe, you don't wear them.

And finally...

Don't Be An Ass: Saying something like, "If women can do it, why can't I?"
Reality: Women also have babies, so unless you want to give birth, STOP YOUR WHINING!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Where Everybody, Should, Know Your Name

As a little kid, I thought 'Cheers' was the dumbest television show ever.  People talking and acting stupid at a bar; that's just ridiculous. 

Definitely one of those things I look back on, and laugh.  Not so much because of the show, but what the bar itself, stood for.

Cheers: "Where everybody knows your name".

Think about that.

For staff & other patrons to know your name, there has to be a reason behind it.  People have to actually give a shit about who you are as a person.  They have to know your history, your present, & what you hope or plan to do in the future.

I have a Cheers too, it's called 'Hells Kitchen' in Newark, New Jersey.

Now some people think that this is a joke.  That people act nice in order to get more cash out of you.  For those who say that, let me reply with a kick to your ass.

First off, they shave down my tabs so much that it's dumbfounding!  I've met tons of friends by just walking through their doors, they let me play crappy music on stage, we've reminded each other that if you need help moving or a ride to the airport (which anyone knows, is HUGE) we're there. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on we help the other, and to top it off, I help take care of the owner's kids at the local Boy Scout troop.

It's funny looking back at it, but I stumbled upon this place by mistake during a really shitty time in my life.  But I'll tell anyone, that it was one of the greatest mistakes I ever made.

We all need our own place like this.  A place where you can let your guard down and be you.  A place where you can rely on others and enjoy spending time.  A place where everybody knows your name.