Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How You Can Save Our Country

The aroma of something burning lingers...
Delicious BBQ food is now left overs...
And American Flags get rolled up…

This is what happens the day after Independence Day.  Americans don't have an official holiday now till Labor Day.  Which means, unless you go to a ball game, most Americans won't be saluting a flag or cheering America the rest of the year.

At a time while soldiers are fighting for our freedom, morale is low and unemployment is high; people would rather imitate 'The Jersey shore' than face those truths.

But one store, sort of celebrates, July 4th everyday.  It's simply titled, "Made In America Store".

While our brave soldiers fight for the red, white and blue.  I'd like to think these people help the red, white and blue collar worker.

As you've probably guessed from the name already, everything they sell is 100% made in the United States.

The idea behind the store is simple, yet it carries such a strong message.

In college I worked at a retail clothing store.  I remember one weekend we checked all the clothing to see where it came from.  Even the shirts that said USA on them were made overseas.  That, is a sad truth.

Ever ship anything overseas before?  If you said, "no", well you're probable wrong.  Every time we buy something that was made overseas, we're basically shipping our money there.

Buying American made items keeps our currency, and jobs, alive here at home.

Forget surveys (which are usually done outside a supermarket), and forget popular belief.  I truly think if the idea of buying American was more readily available, instead of the scavenger hunt it is currently, than people will literally buy into the idea.

Buffalo is a long drive from Manhattan, but I truly hope more and more stores like this become available.  If it was, I’d sign up for a membership rewards card right away!

On that note, I’d like to add something I’ve mentioned in all my patriotic blogs.  That something: TEAM AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!!!

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