Thursday, July 14, 2011

Like A Good Neighbor, Nick Monte's There (In State Farm Jingle Tone)

THEM: "Why are you helping out?"
ME:  "They're like family to me, so why wouldn't I?"

THEM: "You're volunteering even though you don't go to this church?"
ME: "Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?"

THEM: "Wouldn't you rather be on your couch?"
ME: "At this point, I'd rather strangle you with one of the stuffed carnival games!"

Mount Saint Carmel Church is holding its 121st street fair.  The fair, which is a mini carnival of sorts, helps raise money for the church.  Last year alone, they raised around $40,000!

Now I don't live in Newark New Jersey, nor do I attend services at this church.  However, I am volunteering two or three days at the feast.  Oddly enough, people couldn't understand why. 

Hell, even some of the other volunteers didn't understand!

People were surprised to see my face at the mini carnival game I was in-charge of, and sort of busting my chops about it. 

Would I rather be relaxing at home while watching ridiculous things on YouTube?  Abso-damn-lutely!

But here's what people were forgetting...

My friend's who worked the feast and attend the church, mean a lot to me.  They're like extended family.  So why wouldn't I help out?

The church means a lot to them, and I know that this feast means a lot, in terms of income, to the church.  People think so quickly of what they'd RATHER be doing, that they forget what they SHOULD be doing.

The Boy Scout motto is, "Do a good deed daily".  I feel better knowing I can check that off my daily to-do list.

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