Monday, July 18, 2011


I'll be the first to admit that I'm somewhat clueless when it comes to fashion.  So much so that I have to drag my female friends with me to go clothes shopping.  I've accepted my lack of style a long time ago. However, there is something that I will not accept when it comes to fashion...

MAN-LAW #12: Rules To Wearing Flip Flops

Oddly enough, most men who don't have a fashion sense, have feelings about flip flops or sandals.  So let's quickly dive in to some...

Acceptable: Wearing flip-flops/sandals at the beach.
Don't Be An Ass: Wearing sandals in the winter time, and yes, people do this.

Acceptable: Wearing flip-flops/sandals in a shower because you're freaked out by germs.
Don't Be An Ass: Wearing flip-flops/sandals, on places like the subway, where you know they'll get beyond black and filthy.

Acceptable: You're on vacation, and feel too lazy to tie your shoes.  So you go with the flip-flops/sandals.
Don't Be An Ass: It's a Thursday, and you're just a lazy S.O.B.

Acceptable: You just woke up and put on flip-flops/sandals as you're doing your morning routine.  Without hesitation you put on normal shoes for work.
Don't Be An Ass: Going to work in flip-flops/sandals.  Because you deserve to have something fall on your big toe.

Acceptable: You're off to a pool party.  So you bring flip-flops/sandals in your duffle bag for later.
Don't Be An Ass: You're off to a pool party, so you wear your flip-flops/sandals right away. (Think about it, you'll probably go somewhere after the pool, so be prepared!)

Don't Be An Ass: You're in a situation where you're not sure if wearing flip-flops/sandals are acceptable, but you do it anyways.
Acceptable: You're not sure if you can wear flip-flops/sandals to an event, so to play it safe, you don't wear them.

And finally...

Don't Be An Ass: Saying something like, "If women can do it, why can't I?"
Reality: Women also have babies, so unless you want to give birth, STOP YOUR WHINING!


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