Friday, July 1, 2011


It's an open invitation.  An invitation, for fun, and excitement.  One of the happiest phrases anyone can tell me is, "I have an extra ticket, wanna go to the game?"


Now I have a favorite team in what I'd consider, "The Four Major Sports"; NBA (Nets), NHL (Devils), NFL (Giants), and my top favorite MLB (Yankees).  Best part about being a fan of these teams, the calendar is always in my favor.

I have a chance of seeing my favorite team, at least once, every week of the year.  Wednesday night, was that day of the week.

I took the 'B' uptown, and met my buddy at one of my favorite places, Yankee Stadium! 

I remember the first time I visited the old Yankee Stadium as a kid.  I was in awe, which quickly turned to disbelief.   Disbelief, because I thought it would b a lot bigger from watching so many games on TV.

I still get excited when going to games. Not the same as when I was a kid, but I still have a blast. 

Like a ritual, I always have fundamental things I MUST DO at the stadium...

It starts with grabbing an egg cream at my favorite deli, gazing out onto the open field, walking around the park, catching up with a friend and talking baseball.

Now that's what I've come to expect at a game.  Of course, a wild card of events always takes place...

Jorge Posada rounded the bases twice on ONE home run, Nick Swisher making wacky poses when they showed his baby picture, Curtis Granderson making an amazing running catch to double the runner on first, the Brewers Center Fielder running so hard into the wall that it made an imprint, bought a brick from Steiner collectibles that was from the old stadium, and the highlight, watching hundreds of people walking back to the field because Enter Sandman started to play!

As I watched the amazing Mariano Rivera pitch, I kept thinking how lucky I was!  I've seen a lot of hall of famers play.  I have stories for my grandkids one day which I can't wait to tell. Lastly, I thought about how much I love this great American sport, baseball!



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