Friday, July 15, 2011

Where Everybody, Should, Know Your Name

As a little kid, I thought 'Cheers' was the dumbest television show ever.  People talking and acting stupid at a bar; that's just ridiculous. 

Definitely one of those things I look back on, and laugh.  Not so much because of the show, but what the bar itself, stood for.

Cheers: "Where everybody knows your name".

Think about that.

For staff & other patrons to know your name, there has to be a reason behind it.  People have to actually give a shit about who you are as a person.  They have to know your history, your present, & what you hope or plan to do in the future.

I have a Cheers too, it's called 'Hells Kitchen' in Newark, New Jersey.

Now some people think that this is a joke.  That people act nice in order to get more cash out of you.  For those who say that, let me reply with a kick to your ass.

First off, they shave down my tabs so much that it's dumbfounding!  I've met tons of friends by just walking through their doors, they let me play crappy music on stage, we've reminded each other that if you need help moving or a ride to the airport (which anyone knows, is HUGE) we're there. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on we help the other, and to top it off, I help take care of the owner's kids at the local Boy Scout troop.

It's funny looking back at it, but I stumbled upon this place by mistake during a really shitty time in my life.  But I'll tell anyone, that it was one of the greatest mistakes I ever made.

We all need our own place like this.  A place where you can let your guard down and be you.  A place where you can rely on others and enjoy spending time.  A place where everybody knows your name.

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  1. Don't knock Cheers. It and Seinfeld are #'s 1 and 1a for best comedy of all time. That show was amazing.