Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who's, Really Who, In New York City

Google it, Wiki it or even read about it.

An endless amount of research is out on New York City.  From sights to see, eateries to dine at; you can find out so much about this vast island.

But there's one thing that I've never noticed in these articles or books, and it's imperative information.

Tourists ask other tourists for directions, and it's the blind leading the blind.  Tour groups ask locals to be a part of their group, because we haven't seen the sights enough apparently.

So here it is.  My guide of really who's who in NYC and how they act...

Crossing the street
Tourists: They obey the walking signals, and are astonished at anyone crossing against its wishes.
Locals: They treat the streets as if it's real life frogger

Foot Cabs
Tourists: It's a fun, and new way, to explore the city.
Locals: Riding those things makes you feel like you've sold your soul to the devil.

While walking
Tourists: While traveling at the speed of molasses, they need to look at every nook & cranny of the landscape.
Locals: Treat sidewalks like a game of high speed bumper cars to get where they’re going to.

Going out to eat
Tourists: Will travel, possibly thousands of miles to eat at Olive Garden or McDonalds. (This blows my mind)
Locals: Will go to the little hole in the wall place for food.  Why? Because you feel obligated since they’re your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.  (I hope someone knows this line)

People passing out flyers
Tourists: Inspect the material for some sort of discount.
Locals: Actually consider taking their life with their own bare hands!

Sporting events
Tourists:       Sorry folks, but we     
Locals:          have common ground
                       on this one. A common,
                       drunkin' good time :)


  1. Getting into a pedi cab looks like horrors upon horrors.

    And I totally know that line... so what does that make us? :D

  2. Spaceballs. "Absolutely nothing...which is what you are about to become."

  3. Nadine & DKL...you two are both #Winning!!!