Monday, July 25, 2011

woMAN-LAW MONDAY #12: What Not To Ask

Relationships can be like walking a tight-rope.  One wrong move can send you into a spiral of problems.

The easiest way to fall into this spiral; saying or asking the wrong thing.  A few harmless words can put you into a world of pain. 

But this Monday, my words of wisdom are not just for my fellow man.  Oh no, ladies around the globe are welcomed to this special addition of woMAN-LAW Monday.

Here's the thing...

Women ask questions that men just can't answer honestly.  Men can't answer them because they're afraid of the repercussions that might ensue.  At the same time, men just don't use the brain god gives us before we open our mouth.

So here's what I'm going to do.  I want you to think about the things one gender should NEVER ask the other.  See if what you picked came up in today's list that's in no particular order.  Hopefuly this will also work on emails (fingers crossed)!!! Just simply highlight the words after the **start here**, click, and slowly drag down to reveal the hidden list. GOOD LUCK!


**Start Here**

1- My ex-girlfriend would've done it for me, why won't you?
2- Your favorite dress is looking kinda snug on you.
3- Mind if I get the video camera out, just this one time?
4- My plate is empty... (while giving a blank look)
5- Do you really need another pair of shoes?
6- What did you do with my...(insert any object that you constantly misplace).
7- Any type of question or comment that needs to be shouted out from another room.
8- Can I kiss you?
9- It must be that time of the month, huh?
10- Are you having a boy or girl?  Oh, you're not pregnant...


**Start Here**

1- Is it better the way I cook it, or your mother?
2- Does this make me look fat?
3- Can you picture yourself marrying me? (especially when you're only a few dates in)
4- Don’t you think I'm a better friend to you than any of your drinking buddies?
5- Do you really need to buy a TV that big?
6- Is the sports season over anytime soon?
7- Don't you want to go out dancing with me?
8- We should introduce your buddy to my girlfriend.  Trust me you'll love her.  She has a great personality.
9- You wouldn't believe what she did at the office today.
10- Is she better looking than me?

Remember, think before you talk, and hopefully that filter stops anything stupid between your brain and mouth.

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