Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hey NJ Transit...FUCK YOU!!!

It's a god damn blood sucking creature that sucks the life out of me.  I can only be talking about one of two things.  No, it's not leaches, I'm referring to NJ Transit.

See, with leaches, you know at some point you'll have relief.  They'll stop feeding on you once they're full.  NJ Transit though, not so much.

Jerseys transit system is once again operating in the red, continually increases fares, and supplies residents with inadequate services.

We'll start off with what hits people the hardest.  The wallets and pocket books of hard NJ/NY workers.

The last increase occurred just over a year ago.  If I remember correctly, fares went up at least 15-20%.  This is a lot for anyone, and I consider myself lucky.  I live a few miles south of Newark N.J.  However, for some that commute into Manhattan from the Jersey shore or further, they really felt the impact.

Fares went up, while services were cut back on.  About 4 trains were killed from my service line, meaning, fewer trains picked up people even though we started paying more.

I cut back on leisurely things to compensate for the fare hike.  So instead of my money going into the economy, it went to the government.    Which is THE LAST PLACE IT SHOULD BE GOING!

Next, let's hit on the services it provides.  Which are, how should I put this, FUCKING TERRIBLE!!!

I take the train to work.  So I can't talk about my experience on the busses.  However, I can go on all day about the trains. 

The trains are always late, unreliable, take forever to go a few miles sometimes, terrible at informing you on delays/cancellations, make you wait outside the trains for no reason...

I can go on, but my fingers are tired of typing...

Now don't get me wrong.  Not all transit systems are a joke.  For a while now, I've been taking the PATH train into Manhattan. 

Hardly any problems at all, trains arrive often, and it's VERY affordable.

Bottom line...

People of the NJ/NY area deserve a proper transportation system.  We live in an area in which people heavily rely on it. 

Money is currently going into a broken system, and the customers, are the ones getting hurt by it.

Top executives that run NJ Transit, may think that if they are just a little less sucky than their predecessors, they must be doing a good job.

Well guess what, those people are fucking failing.  We deserve better, and we want something better. 

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