Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This is my home, and I love this place.

I was born in Brooklyn New York, grew up in Jersey and have constantly bounced back and forth between the two states.  Sure I've visited other states and countries, but nothing beats coming back home. 

Personally, the tri-state area is the best.  It has everything you want in this giant melting pot.  So when people start making fun of my home, I feel like I need to say something.

I've personally encountered, and survived, many incidents in my 28 years on this planet.  A single snowstorm that dropped 2 feet of snow, a heat wave that went well into the triple digits, a car accident that should've been much worse, a brother getting hit by a drunk driver, Catholic school, and much more.

The one thing I've never encountered, until yesterday, earthquakes!

Now you want to show me a subway rat the size of a cat; fine, no problem, I can handle that.  But when the ground starts to move, or even worse, skyscrapers/office buildings sway, I have a BIG problem with that!

People panicked and were scared shitless yesterday.  Now while I'm sure it wasn't everyone, people on the west coast have been giving the east coast shit for our reaction.  While I know it's not every person in the west, and I know it's people besides the west coast, I have to tell ya...


We're not used to this, and probably never will be.  The last tremor NYC felt was in 2001 (THANKS FOR THE INFO ERIC).  This isn't an every day or yearly occurence for us.  Ever see townships or schools close due to an inch or two of snow?  Well in Texas and Georgia it has happened, because they're not used to snow.

Know what we're used to?  Terrorist attacks!  Whether they're successful or not, that's what we're used to in D.C. and New York.

People lost cell phone service, the house & senate are being evacuated in D.C., the office building you're in is swaying, and all you can think about is 9/11.

We know we're still a target. We know people hate us, we've already experienced it in our lifetime, and many of us thought something was going on again.
The Failed bombing attack in Times Square

After about five or ten minutes, people realized what really happened.  There was a collective sigh, and then we wanted to call the people we cared about.

True, for anyone on the west coast, you may have laughed or slept right through the quake.  Again, because you're used to the ground moving. But for people in Washington or New York, there will always be a fear that the building is moving for all the wrong reasons.  Something most of you aren't used to.

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  1. Ill respond more when I have a keyboard in front of me but my second reaction after realizing it wasn't a bad lunch was that the refineries next to my house were blowing dad used to work in them and they were trained that if ground shakes, don't bother running because its too late.