Monday, August 8, 2011

Man-Law #14: The Fanny Pack

I've been a big advocator of this since, well, I was a little Monte.  Before I even heard of Man-Law, I knew that this monstrosity was plain wrong.  What are people thing!!!!!  It blows my mind that some men are ok with this.  So here are the rules that apply...

Man-Law #14: The Fanny Pack

You ready?  These rules are pretty difficult to understand.  Try your best to follow...

Rule 1: Under NO circumstance should a man wear, buy or consider a fanny pack ok.

Rule 2: If you think you found a circumstance where a fanny pack is ok, please see rule number one.

Now I know what you're thinking, and yes, I do believe the fanny pack causes major global problems; wars, our national deficit, diseases, or countries credit downgrade...THE LIST IS ENDLESS!

However, for some reason, supposed men, justify wearing one.

Here are some facts about fanny packs...
- They strip all men of their dignity
- The fanny pack caused the black plague
- The fanny pack caused World War One
- A lost part of The Constitution forbids fanny packs
- Bin Laden wore a fanny pack

So guys, remember, next time you start justifying a fanny pack, hit yourself in the crotch.


  1. Nick (Steph here) I agree that fanny packs are foolish and strip men of their dignity but I don't think they can be blamed for famine and plague and world wars. A better assessment would be that no women will sleep with a man that wears a fanny pack. and that is cause enough for men to ban this god awful accessory. Unless your lance armstrong and you need to carry meds on your person while biking the tour de france you should not wear a fanny pack. PERIOD.

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