Monday, August 15, 2011

Man-Law #14.5: Warriors, Come Out To Play

Let me start off by saying, this will NOT, be the usual type of Man-Law blog.

That being said...

Before the Warrio Dash

I've been talking about it for a while, but this past Sunday, I finally went through my first 'mud run'.  For those who don't know, the 'Warrior Dash' is a 5K race, with about 10 army obstacle courses spread out. 

Most people would think that I was insane to go through a competition/race like that.  In fact, many people told me I was insane.  Especially once I told them I woke up at 3:30am for it.  Oh, and going to work right after didn't help!

Ok, back to the run itself.

Here are some of the highlights...
-5K race (at least 3/4-1 mile on a very steep incline.)
- Climbing over walls, then crawling under barbed wire.
- Wading through a muddy lake and having to go over logs.
- Climbing over cargo nets.
- Jumping over fire

The day started with POURING RAIN, which I thought was great, because I knew that would make things extra muddy.  Once we loaded everyone in the car, we headed up to the Catskill Mountains.  About 30-40 min out we stopped for coffee, at that point, we were beyond pumped!

Once we parked, we got into our gear.  By gear, I mean we put on our Nintendo themed t-shirts.  Afterwards, we walked into the ski resort where the run was going on.

If I had to describe the crowd, it would probably be, 'The Disney World of gym class.'

After the Warrior Dash
People stretching, doing pull-ups, getting into insane outfits, looking for their final times, celebrating over beers, taking was an endless sight of blood, sweat and mud!  IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Considering I really slacked off the last month health wise, I did ok, but I'm definitely not happy with my time. 

But after I finished the run, I wanted to do it over again! This run is totally addicting, and I can't wait to do it again.

Once I told people about the run, they were on two opposite ends of the spectrum.  I either got really excited, or perplexed type looks.

Bottom line...I won't be able to do this every day for the rest of my life. Just like my grandparents, I'm going to become old, and my body is going to eventually breakdown.

If I have trouble walking up steps or getting out of bed, why not climb a mountain when I can? If I happen to get dirty and have fun doing it with my buddies, all the better!

I already can't drink like I used to (not like I ever could) or operate on a few hours of sleep with no problem.  So I'm going to conquer mountains while I still can. 

Think about your mountain.  Do you have something you want to conquer before it's too late?  If so, stop putting it off and get a move on!

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