Monday, August 22, 2011

Man-Law #15: All The, Small Things

It's Monday morning, I'm waiting on the train platform and I'm trying to figure out what to write for today's blog. 

Does it feel like an annoyance at times? Do I ask myself why the hell do I write this? Do I question 'Monte's Mayhem' at least once a day?  The answers to all of those questions, is a resounding, and emphatic YES!
Due to which, that's why this Man-Law, is kind of a special one for me.

Man-Law #15: Taking In The Moment

When I publish this post, it'll be my 100th blog!!!

To be honest, I wasn't sure if I'd get past ten when I started this thing.  Hell, I wasn't even sure if anyone would actually read any of them.  I figured if I could get a dozen posts up, with a handful of views, that would be great.  Turns out, I low balled it a little.

In a little over four months, I have almost 7,000 views, been read in about 20-25 countries, and the daily trends are steadily rising.

Is it the biggest accomplishment of my life?  Definitely not in any way.  Is it something to smile and be proud of though?  Damn right it is!

You need to take the small victories, and run with them.  Use it as motivational fuel to do bigger and better things.

At the same time, just enjoy the moment!

Years ago, I would've thought the only way to be read in at least 20 other countries, is to write the next Harry Potter series.

Yet, here I am, just much poorer than whomever will write the next big book series.

But I'm happy.  I'm winning the small battles (posting 100 blogs) and getting ready to win the war (becoming the biggest blogger ever).

I know I call these things Man-Laws, but sometimes they really do apply to everyone.  This is definitely one of those times, and I really hope everyone can take in the moment, to enjoy what's around them.


As a side note, I want to thank Diane Kaye, and Justin Mannato (Blogger of Daddy Knows Less).  Without which, these would've been the messiest, and most idiotic pages on the whole entire Internet. 

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