Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Smoker: Puff Off

There's always two sides to any argument.  It starts when we're kids, with something like, who broke the lamp during playtime.  However, as we get older, the debates/arguments get a lot more serious.

Within the last five years or so, the smoking debate has become a big issue in the NY/NJ area.

So I figured I'd create a debate blog of sorts.

Today's blog is by my friend Nicole.  She's a smoker that lives in the tri-state area, and has something to say about smoking as a whole.  Tomorrow, I'll post a blog from the point-of-view of a non-smoker.

If you're a smoker, or someone who feels passionate about the topic, don't forget to post your response on her view...


Recently, society has all of a sudden begun to turn their attention to the harmful effects of smoking, secondhand smoke and precautions against smoking.

“Disgusting, vile, obscene, horrid, obnoxious,” those are the words I can read off of the faces of streetwalkers and onlookers as I enjoy my morning cigarette with coffee. I can’t understand why doing what makes me feel good, unstressed and calm be such an objectionable issue..

When I inhale and feel the hot smoke rushing down my lungs and my head lightens up, I feel at peace and calm. Many times, I’ve stopped myself from cramming my fist in someone’s face, shoving my foot up someone’s ass and tamed the beast of my anger with a single cigarette.

If people find pleasure in the things they do, there shouldn’t be a reason to stop them. That is unless they’re causing serious injury or damage to others both physically and psychologically.

It has been brought to my attention numerous times the harmful effects of smoking such as: cancer, emphysema, heart attacks, etc. Especially CANCER.

Cancer can be brought about by mostly anything. Genetics, pollution, radiation, toxic chemicals (such as ones in power plants, etc) the sun, and your own diet and exercise.

The media highly advertises that you take your spoiled brat of a child to one of the thousands of fast food joints to put a smile on their face. They create catchy jingles for you to keep in mind, sweet deals and if you’re lucky, an indoor jungle gym. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, feed your child for cheap, they get the joy of getting a toy and to run around freely with other children in the play area.

The high in fat meal, loaded with sodium, salt, grease and preservatives is what puts your child at risk for diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart failure, breathing problems, etc. But not even THAT will stop big buck industries from promoting.

I rarely see children riding bikes, at the park, playing sports of being active. Nothing like when I was a child. If we train our children early on to eat freely and not engage in activities we will reach an even higher obesity rate.

But that issue isn’t surpassed by the least to the “serious dangers” of a fucking stick with tobacco in it.

What about the millions of American men and women who work in power plants, in pharmaceutical companies, in construction and the many others who handle lethal toxic chemicals first hand? Nobody wants to speak about the danger they put their lives in.
Do you know why? Anything that will help make America an even better place is all worth the risk of all their lives. I admire and appreciate the effort and time they put in so that my life can better, but is that worth it? No.. They will face far more serious damage in the future.

But, for me to pick up a cigarette each day is a crime so bad that they’ve banned smoking from public places like bars, diners, clubs and even New York City, all in order to protect the public from the harms of smoke..

I remember a time, many years ago when they would have commercials of young people smoking at a club and having fun. They no longer have these commercials. But they do have thousands of commercials of young children laughing at the joy of a fucking cheeseburger. My opinion, “what has this world come to?”

I sat through a 2 hour seminar at school given by one of the world’s leading cancer researcher. He had many important things to say. Here’s a fun fact, did you know that only 10% of smokers get cancer? Did you know that the chances of getting cancer are way higher when dealing with toxic chemicals and radiation? But the only thing you see as a con by society is smoking.

If society really gave a flying fuck about the safety of people and preventing them from harmful diseases, they should start by taking the many products loaded up with crap off the shelves in stores. That’s how you’ll protect them.

People ask me if I am aware of the harmful toxins in cigarettes. I can assure that I do. I’ve been smoking for 3 years going on 4. Not once have I had issues breathing, coughing, growing, etc. If you smoke responsibly you are pretty much in the clear. But if you smoke in surplus, you might have a few issues. People always forget to remember that ANYTHING IN A GRATUITOUS AMOUNT IS BAD FOR YOU.

But until then, I’ll keep blowing smoke your way…


  1. thoughts...I don't care if you smoke...I do care that I have to smell it...every time I am near a smoker I have to go home and take a shower to get away from the stench. I remember the days when you where in a bar, etc. and your eyes where burning from the smoke, you'd get home and have to throw out your clothes because they smelled so bad! I'm glad smokers are not allowed to smoke in public places, if you want to smoke that's fine. Get a big hefty bag, climb in it and tie it closed and light up all you want!
    I find it relaxing to pee when you have to go real bad, but that doesn't mean you like piss on you?
    I totally agree with the fast food and other environmental effects...There is a ton of stuff that's bad that is just accepted as ok because it tastes good, feels good, or makes some big corporation and/or the government money. It's up to the public to get educated and stop eating/using these products. The companies will go out of business, but I really think most people don't care and just do what feels good at the moment. Moderation is key to surviving anything, just make sure your habits don't affect anyone else's freedoms!

  2. As a former smoker, I agree with the main point Anonymous poster above made... that is - I don't care if you smoke, I just don't want to smell it.

    I never had a problem smoking outside. I preferred it, in fact. Now if you're walking down a street in a busy place like NYC... everyone's attitude is "Fuck you" anyway. I'd rather walk next to a smoker than someone trying to run me over or put stuff in my hands and expect me to give them money.

  3. I dont care if you smoke as long as it's not near me. Just like I dont care if you're driving 150 miles an hour as long as it's not near me. So smoke away but dont make me smell it.