Wednesday, August 10, 2011

YAY! I'm Alive

Exactly two years ago I prayed like I never prayed before.While going 60 mph on the Garden State car decided to stall on me...causing me to fishtail across the highway. It's funny. When you're doing 360's across a major highway, and you think you're about to die, you're able to re-prioritize you're whole life.

As I held onto the wheel for dear life (literally) I prayed. As loud as possible and with complete concentration. "God...please do whatever you have to do so I survive this". Over and over again.

I still don't know how I wasn't t-boned, or how my car didn't flip over. The whole ordeal was probably 20-25 seconds, but it felt like forever. As I was about to hit the rail on the shoulder...I was rear-ended by a civic.
End result...stiff neck...screwed up my back...bent frame and cracked rear axel.

But as soon as my truck stopped moving from the collision...I did something unexpectedly. I laughed. Not a chuckle. Not a smirk. But a full out knee slapping kind of laugh. For anyone this is strange or flat out ridiculous.

After months of complaining and being miserable with a shitty ex-girlfriend...dealing with shitty work hours...and feeling like I'm getting a raw deal...I realized something.

At that time...Not only did I realize how lucky I am, but I realized how unbelievably lucky I was!!! I have good friends, family and health. So what else do I really need? Weeks later I had to go to the bank to deal with paper work. My insurance didn't cover I had to pay out $1,500. As I was smiling and happily signing the paper work the banker stopped me. She said, "Mr. Monte I need to ask. You're spending almost 2-grand on nothing. Why are you so happy?" My response was simple and easy. "When you pray to God to survive something...signing over $1,500 is a pretty good swap". She smiled and agreed.

When you're crying like a baby ask yourself, whatever you’re upset about...does it affect your friends, family or health? Because if it doesn't, chances are you need to calm down since it's not that important.

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