Monday, September 12, 2011

Another September, Another 9/11 Day of Mourning

How can we, not, talk about it?

Yes, this is supposed to be a Man-Law Monday blog, but it was also 9/11 this weekend.  So let me address the giant pink elephant standing in the room.
Another year, and another 9/11 anniversary.  What I'm about to say may be taken the wrong way at first, but let me finish my opinion.
I am really, just done, with the 9/11 anniversary.
Here's where I'm coming from...
You don't even have to look at a calendar, to see that the anniversary is coming up. Think of it like Christmas at the malls or on television.
It's thrown in your face way in advance of the day.  The specials on history channel (for example), and the U.S.A. paraphernalia in stores, is looking to make a buck off of you.  They could care less otherwise, as long as money is flowing in.
Next, are some of the people.  Those who can only show a little patriotism on July 4th or 9/11. Maybe when these dates come around, they'll have a mini American Flag to wave. 
Again, maybe.
Team America, FUCK YEAH!
I have an American Flag outside my house 365 days a year.  It's hung up correctly outside my front door by military standards.  So why do people have to show, only a little pride for this country, when the calendar dictates so?
Lastly, are the people who tell you how you should feel. 
Was I in shock seeing the second tower collapse, yes.
Did I get mad and cry a lot following the attack, yes.
Do I see the construction everyday at the WTC, and am reminded of what happened every single day, oh yeah.
Tuned in just in time to see this.
If people wish to visit the World Trade Center, (yes, it's WTC, not ground zero) then by all means, they should go.  Whether it's remembering someone who was lost,  the need to let out a good cry, or just wanting to take in the history of what happened that day; do what you have to do. 
No one, and I mean NO ONE, should tell you how to feel.
So what did I do this weekend?
The Reading ofthe names.
I was in charge of organizing them for a local station.
NEVER, again would I work on a 9/11 special.  Too
heartbreaking.  Takes too much out of me.
I needed to get away from the ceremony and the news coverage.  Things have been rough at home the last few weeks, and I needed a severe mental break.  Also, it feels like a funeral to me.  So I went somewhere that I always enjoy, Lake George in upstate New York.
It's a magical experience!!!
It’s a beautiful area that I’ve practically grown up at.  To make it better, it was the 23rd annual Adirondack National Car Show.  Classics, hot rods and rare cars, as far as the eye can see.  It’s was so much fun.  It’s great for all ages.
Now some people might have a problem with the way I feel/acted towards this topic.  Possibly even saying it’s unpatriotic, but let me just point this out.
On Sunday, September 11th, I spent the day with my family, ate hot dogs, drank beer, was in awe of classic cars, played guitar and had a great overall time doing whatever I wanted.  I was enjoying and living life.  If anyone has a problem with that, well, tell me what’s un-American about any of those activities. 

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  1. it will always be ground zero. it will always be a cemetery for over 1100 people who are still there and never given anything proper for a funeral. it is still the place that signifies the start of the modern era. it is our pearl harbor. it is our jfk assassination. it is our job to remember to tell the next generation to respect life and cherish what we have. fuck america, value life not a flag