Thursday, September 1, 2011


I don't really care if our soldiers represent Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or whomever. I hold each of them in the highest regards, because they're all protecting one thing; the freedom of the United States.

This also applies to soldiers in other countries fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan.  No matter how you feel about the wars itself, these men and women deserve the upmost respect.  I go to work praying I don't get stuck next to some smelly guy on the train. These people, go to work, praying they'll live to see another day.

Sometimes, they don't get to see another day.  British Marine David Hart, was afraid of that happening, and it did.  Hart (23 years old) was killed in Afghanistan while on foot patrol.

Like many others, he took out a life insurance policy. What's not usual, is his request of how he wanted it spent.

Hart wanted 50,000 British pounds (little over $80,000) to go towards a wounded warrior foundation.  That's not shocking, what is, is the 100,000 pounds (about $163,000) for his military and civilian buddies and their girlfriends to go to Las Vegas!

That's right, Hart paid for an all inclusive trip to Sin-City for 32 friends!

One of Hart's friend's said, "I know David would have loved it because he loved his holidays away with the boys."

I don't know much about Hart's background, but I'm assuming that his buddies were like family to him.  They've probably laughed, cried and had tons of memories together.  Blood doesn't necessarily mean anything.  Heart was a selfless man who wanted to defend and help people, and even in death, he continued to make people's lives better and happier.

Rest In Peace British Royal Marine David Hart. They don't make many great men like you.

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