Thursday, September 22, 2011

Google: Getting Punished For Being Successful

Stop and think.

When is the last time you didn't use Google, or were at least tempted to use it for at least 24-hours?  Personally, the only times I remember not using it, was during black outs, and camping trips.  Even then, I could've accessed it through my phone.
How has she come up in your search results?

It's also easy to forget when, you are, using Google.  If I don't use the main search engine, I'll at least use Blogger or YouTube. Now that Facebook is a pain in the ass to use, I really hope that Google+ really catches on.

Google just makes my life easier.  My generation was the first to "grow-up" with the Internet.  So I've incorporated it into my daily life.  Personally, I feel Google just provides a better service. 

I know that I can use Tumblr, Hulu, MapQuest, Yahoo! and others.  I just choose not to.

Senators in Washington though, well, let's just say they're not as happy with Google as I am.

Thanks guys!!!
Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, is being grilled on Capitol Hill for how Google is running their business.

Coming fresh off a Federal Trade Commission investigation, Senators are afraid that Google is acting greedy and is only concerned about expanding and crushing competitors, instead of helping web surfers find results.

Schmidt testified saying, "Google does nothing to block competitors or other sources of information to its users."

Senator Mike Lee of Utah, a man I think highly of, says "Google has an unnatural and extraordinary advantage."

Those are the facts. 
Now, here's the opinion aspect of my blog.

Another form of the American dream!!!
I’m glad Washington’s elite are able to deal with Google.  It’s not like they need to worry about a deficit, about three wars (those are easy to manage after all), a crumbling infrastructure, high unemployment, and other serious issues plaguing our country. 

Seeing as you’re reading this, let me explain something. 
That my friends, is sarcasm at its best.

You see, Google is an American dream.

It started as a project in a garage by two ambitious people with nothing more than ambition and a dream.  Now, it’s a global empire.  So why are politicians wasting time and money for a company that’s living the American Dream?  Maybe they have nothing else to do, and need to justify their own paychecks.

Um, yes please
Washington thinks they’re helping the American people.  In fact, all they’re doing is chastising an American dream, and hurting Google’s stock. 

Apple now has more money on hand than our Government, and I’m sure Americans have a higher approval rating of Google in comparison to our politicians.

Maybe instead of looking for problems and pointing fingers; our government should be taking some pointers.

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