Monday, September 26, 2011

Man-Law #18: Hats All Folks

Way back when, possibly in the 1950's, it was a simpler time. 

A time when if you wore a baseball cap, it meant you were either a baseball player, or a 10-year-old boy.

Now, unfortunately, it can mean so much more.

MAN-LAW #18: Put Down The Hat

I think we can thank Fred Durst, singer from 'Limp Bizkit', for this one.  But if you go out anywhere (bars, clubs...etc), it seems like any guy that wears a hat, is a warning symbol of an incoming d-bag.

Now a red Yankee cap is the biggest symbol of someone who can potentially act like an asshole.  To be fair, anyone who wears those gang looking/multi-colored caps looks like an ass.

I really have no where to go with this, other than saying, "Guys, how about we grow up a little!"

We're men, let's start acting like, oh I don't know, MEN!!!

It's bad enough seeing guys wear caps in Church and other inappropriate places.  That's just plain inconsiderate.  But why act so lazy?

Lord knows how long it takes women on average to get their hair done before going out.  So why can't some lazy asses even think about grabbing a comb and gel?  Not like it takes that long.

So let's re-cap.

Don't be a d-bag, act your age & try to look a wee bit nice.

Do it now...thank me later.

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