Friday, October 28, 2011


Close your eyes, and think.  If you had to dig into the confines of your mind, to retrieve the toy chest of childhood memories, what would you find? 

Everyone would find something different in that chest.  The one thing everyone should have though, is pure Innocence.  A time when, well, time doesn't matter, and your biggest concern is squeezing in as many Saturday morning cartoons as possible.

Who ya gonna call?
I'm pretty sure I'd know what keep sakes I'd find in my toy chest.  It would probably be something strange...and it won't look good...but it's ok because I know who I'm gonna call.
Ok, I'll keep the quotes down to a minimum as best as possible, but I'm talking about the Ghostbusters. 

The chest was opened up last night, and I couldn't be happier about it. 

For three days, Ghostbusters was re-released in select theaters.  Yup, possibly my favorite movie of all time was in the theater, and I was finally going to see it the way it was meant to be seen. 

Know what else I saw?  The firehouse, green army men and Halloween. 

I'm sure that raised an eyebrow or two, so please, allow me to elaborate.

Chances are that if I was playing with toys as a kid, it was a Ghostbuster related toy.  My most prized possession, my Mecca of toys...the Ghostbuster firehouse.  Even as a grown man, I can honestly say I had more fun with that, than any other toy as a kid.  I can remember playing with it so vividly.

The treasure of my childhood
Ok, so I'm sure the green army men is completely out of left field, but not so much, when we actually used our imaginations way back when. Ghostbusters weren't much good without ghosts to catch.  I also wasn't one of those spoiled kids either.

So to make up for my lack of a full Ghostbusters arsenal, ghostly green army men would attack, and only the Ghostbusters could save the day.

I looked like a kid standing infront of the house
Finally, the last item on the list, which probably makes the most sense, Halloween.  The only toy that could compete with the firehouse, was the plastic replica of the proton pack and trap.  Man those were fun to walk around with.  Felt like the big man on campus, well, as big as you can get as an 8 year-old.

Now I'm a very lucky individual.  Earlier this year ‘Back to the Future’ was also re-released.  So to see my two favorite movies in the theater, is a blessing.  Especially when I thought I'd never have the chance.

It's awesome & I had to put this pic in
So many awesome memories just rushing back to me.  Honestly, it's more thrilling than any roller coaster in the world.  Those movie tickets were priceless, and will be the best money I'll probably spend all year.

This is what I grew up with.  It's like a time capsule of your own childhood.

Just think about the key to that toy chest of yours.  What do you think you'll find?  More importantly, why haven't you opened it yet?

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