Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Riots to the left of me.
Riots to the right of me.

Seems like everyone is pissy about something these days.  People down at Wall Street about bailouts, citizens in Greece about economic turmoil, organizations striking over money, and everyone is mad over in Egypt.

Of all these people, one group, may actually be gathering for something I believe 100% in.
Can't believe I'm saying this, but the Tea Party is doing something awesome.

The Tea Party is gathering of support of Gibson Guitars.

Gibson is a well known American guitar company.  They're one of those staples of American culture.  Just like apple pie.  Of all people, they're facing adversity from a certain group.  The U.S. government!

See, a few years ago, 'The Lacey Act' was put into law.  Basically, it prohibits anyone from importing illegal wildlife, plants and wood.  Now, Gibson is facing allegations of using wood that isn't finished by workers in India.

So in August, a raid took place at Gibson's factories in Nashville and Memphis.  Over 10,000 rosewood fretboards were seized.

Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz says, "The requirement for Indian workers to finish the wood is a 'misuse of environmental law'.  This wood was one step down from the 'gold standard' of certified wood.  It doesn't just fall off the back of a pickup truck.  It's clear this is a government overreach".
It's obvious that Henry (I'm going by first name…but can you blame me with a last name like that?) is trying to be a responsible CEO. He's doing what's best for Gibson, and their employees.

Luckily, I don't have the same responsibility he does.

Now yes, this story intrigued me since it was Gibson guitars.  
I've played bass guitar for a little over a decade.  I'm also pro-American made products.

That being said.  WHAT THE FUCK UNCLE SAM!!!!

Unemployment has been hovering around the 9%-10% mark for a while.  Jobs are vital.
Gibson has been making a profit for a hundred years.  A little longer than Solyndra.
They know how to do things the right way.  So why can't they be left alone?

The government needs to back off in this case.  I'm sure they're tying up a lot of money for Gibson.  10,000 fretboards from India must cost a good amount.

This may be hard for people down in Washington to hear, but here it goes.  


I know.  A crazy thought.  
Hopefully they can learn this lesson before hurting a great home grown company like Gibson.

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