Thursday, October 20, 2011


No matter how old you may be, it's great that the phrase "Excited like a kid on Christmas morning" can be applied to you.

It may not have been morning.  But I was definitely a kid on Christmas evening.

Remember when I talked about making some changes?  Well the first step has been taken.

I found the apartment.  Not 'some' apartment, but 'THE' apartment.
The place is literally brand new, has more than enough space, and the landlord is an awesome guy.  As if it can't get any better, it cuts about 40 minutes off of my commute.

That folks, is #Winning, to the umpteenth degree.
This House is still much cooler

Am I nervous... Yup.
Will it be financially tight for a while...Damn right.
Does it feel greet taking that first step...FUCK YEAH!

But it's all going to be ok.  I'm already talking to places about a second job, and I'm planning on listing a bunch of stuff on eBay.

Yeah, I know the adult responsibilities will be kicking soon.  Yeah I know there will probably some rough stretches.  Until then, I'm enjoying the moment like a kid on Christmas morning.

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