Thursday, November 3, 2011


So far, the biggest problem I think my apartment has, is a parking issue.  It's nothing horrible, but it's not the greatest situation in the world.  Meaning, I'll be able to live in the current state of it.  After all, it's nothing to go nuts over.

Too bad others don't share my point of view.

I feel like this is something you'd hear during the last few shopping days before Christmas.

Asshole...I mean...Oscar Fueller...actually...
I was right the 1st time
Oscar Fueller, a tall muscle bound electrician, delivered a brutal haymaker to 4-foot-11 Lana Rosas.  The punch left Rosas hitting the cement hard, and bleeding from the mouth.  Due to the punch, she was knocked into a coma, and now has brain damage.  In order to stop the swelling, doctors actually had to remove the front part of her skull.  To top it off, she now suffers from mood swings because of it.

What warranted this attack?  Why did this muscle bound guy have to sock this petite woman?  You would think it had to be over something gravely serious…sorry to say…but not so much.

The blow was delivered all because of a parking space in New York’s East Village. 

The headgear Lana Rosas must wear now
Rosas was saving a parking space for a friend.  Fueller, was so enraged by this, that he punched her in the face.  That’s it.  Plain and simple.  Now Rosas has no recollection of what happened due to the beating.  Fueller says that he was being assaulted, and was only protecting himself. 

Thank god for eye witnesses.
People nearby saw him screaming like a mad man.  By the time people came over to step-in, the ass delivered the brutal punch.

So again, let’s recap.  This guy…I mean…piece of shit…permanently altered this woman’s life forever, over a parking space.  She is missing a piece of her skull, can’t remember things & is living a completely different life; all over a god damn parking space!!!

All over a parking spot...
Now Fueller is saying that he was only defending himself against Rosas, claiming that she kept trying to slap him.  Let’s play devil’s advocate, and say this was true. Seeing as he was about two feet taller, and outweighed her by plenty, I think he could’ve dealt with her simple blows.

Bottom line here, like I’ve said before, there’s NO DAMN REASON to bully/hit women because of your size.  End of story.  No questions asked.

This guy is a father of two.  I’m sure they’re young children.  So how would he feel if someone, twice their height and weight, beat them into a coma?  My guess, he wouldn’t find it appropriate at all.

Violence isn’t the answer.  Ruining someone’s life over a parking space isn’t the answer.  There are times you need to defend yourself.  Other times, you need to know when to walk away.  If you can’t decipher those two…you’re going to go to jail for a very long time. 

Deservingly so.

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