Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BUY MY PRODUCT: The Got It Gnome

Man, woman or child.  We've all gone through the experience of not being able to find something. 

An oversized purse with your phone in the darkest crevice, an overstuffed tool box with a socket wrench set missing the one sized socket you actually need, or the accessories to your action figure/dolls that you need for playtime. 

Sometimes we're so tired of looking for it, we don't even want it! We just want to know where it is.

Well, the days of losing your belongings is in the past, from the makers of Chia Pet, here is, THE GOT IT GNOME*.

Can’t find a particular item, and feel like giving up?  Just wake up your gnome from hibernation, and have him find it.

Just describe the item in detail, and he'll work his little but off till he finds it.

All of life's little questions can be solved with The Got it Gnome.

*Warning...gnome can go AWOL at a moment’s notice.  Do not put any body parts near his little mouth.  Ever see the movie Leprechaun? If left in severe hibernation for too long, he'll go bat shit crazy the same way.  If you've noticed that loved ones have gone missing, for the love of god, run away and never look back.  Upon purchasing The Got it Gnome, you waive any possibility of a lawsuit.  Thank you, and enjoy your gnome.

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