Sunday, November 27, 2011


I’ve called it, and so have you.  Little kids can’t wait to do it, and without it, you feel like you’re getting a demotion.  However, do people know the greatest responsibility of them all???


It can be an afternoon drive, or just cruisin’ with your friends, a ticket of any kind from a cop will ruin someone’s day.

That’s why, if you call shotgun, you’re looking out for the 5-0.

Now this goes for a number of possibilities. 
- Traffic cameras that take pictures
- Cop car you see ahead that’s chilling on the side of the road
- Known hidden speed traps
- Cop cars driving along side of you

I’m sure there’s more instances of being on the lookout, but you get the idea.

Just because you’re not driving, doesn’t mean you don’t have something to do.  Yes, calling shotgun has other responsibilities attached to it, but is there anything more important than looking out for cops?

Tickets lead to points / and heavy fines…which leads up to some big bucks. Meaning…your buddy gets F’d in the A.

So take the responsibility of calling shotgun, because if you could’ve done something to help your friend, your buddy has the right to kick you in the junk.

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